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best broward DUI attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI and you the best Broward DUI attorney, you are in the right place now! RC Enterprise Law is home to some of Broward's best DUI lawyers with years of experience in representing clients in DUI cases.

Ideally, we would advise you not to take the breathalyzer field test. However, if you are reading this, chances are; you've probably already been charged with a DUI. Still, we can take a closer look at the breathalyzer and make sure that is was administered and maintained properly. If not, the results of the breathalyzer test may not be accurate. In fact, according to one reputable source, breathalyzer tests can be falsely high 15-23% of the time. That's a huge flaw!

Further, we can do the same for any other sobriety field tests that may have been conducted by the arresting officer. There are very strict laws regarding how these tests must be administered, and if the arresting officer did not do his or her job correctly, then the findings are null and void.

When you hire a Broward DUI attorney to represent you, we'll take a look at the traffic stop itself. If a traffic stop was made without a legitimate cause, then any evidence acquired following the stop must be suppressed, and the case must be dismissed.

Of course, it would be dishonest for us to lead you to believe that this happens all the time. Honestly, this doesn't happen as often as you might like it to. The truth is that most people who are stopped for DUI were pulled over for a legitimate reason and they had too much alcohol in their blood. Still, rather than just pleading guilty, you should hire a DUI attorney. There is a lot at stake in a DUI conviction!

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

First, by law, you will lose your license for a period of time if you are convicted of a DUI. For first-time DUI offenses, we can almost always keep our clients out of jail, barring the presence of any aggravating circumstances in the case. Still, you don't want to have a DUI conviction on your record. This may stop you from getting jobs or even finding a place to live in the future.

Often, we can prevent the worst from happening. When you have a DUI lawyer from RC Enterprise Law on your side, you will fare better in court. This is especially true or individuals who have been arrested for DUIs in the past. Florida is notoriously tough on repeat offenders, and without an expert DUI lawyer in your corner, you're like a baby gazelle going into a den of starving lions - not a pretty outcome!

Also, with the mortality and injury rate from drunk driving accidents being as high as it is, you can understand why judges and prosecutors tend to be especially hard on these types of offenses. The worst thing you could do is to:

a. Not take your DUI seriously or
b. Try to speak for yourself in court.

Hire an experienced Broward DUI attorney from RC Enterprise Law, and let us do the speaking for you.

best broward DUI attorney
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best broward DUI attorney
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