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Forfeiture is where a federal or state governmental agency seizes property under criminal or civil laws. The seized property is believed by the government agency to be used in committing a crime. In this post, our Dallas cash forfeiture attorney will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about cash forfeiture law.

Does cash forfeiture happen in Dallas?

Cash forfeiture happens in every state. Even if law limits the ability of state and local agencies to conduct cash forfeitures, authorities can partner with federal officials in a system known as "equitable sharing," which allows local and state agencies to get a share of any cash that is seized. If you're a target of cash forfeiture in Dallas, or if you're charged with any crime, speak with the experienced attorney at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney.

What can I do if my cash has been seized?

The first thing to do is hire a cash forfeiture attorney. Here at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney, our legal experts understand the peculiarities of the cash forfeiture process. They will break down the nuances of asset forfeiture for you to easily understand. They will advocate on your behalf to have your asset returned. 

Is there a hearing for cash forfeiture?

Cash or asset seized through civil forfeiture automatically become government property if the owner of the seized asset does not take legal action. In most instances, law enforcement agencies pressure the owners of the seized asset to surrender ownership of their assets or face charges – raising many questions about the integrity of the whole procedure. Fortunately, there are legal proceedings for cash forfeiture.

What if I’m innocent?

Your innocence does not guarantee that you will get your property back. In cash forfeiture, you're presumed to be "guilty" unless you can prove them wrong. You must prove that you're not involved in a crime. You need a cash forfeiture attorney to defend you because the success rate for innocent persons getting back their money is low.

Is there a deadline for responding to the petition for cash forfeiture? 

Yes. You are required to file a claim within 30 days of receiving the written notice or publication. Our attorney will request more time from the attorney general before the 30-day deadline expires if you need extra time.

How long will it take to decide on my cash forfeiture?

The decision on your petition is required within 60 days. However, if case circumstances arise that require extra time, the attorney general will provide written notification and let you know when they will make your petition decision.

Still Have More Questions? Contact Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is battling with cash forfeiture proceedings in Dallas, the defense lawyers at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney can help. 

Our attorneys know cash forfeiture law, and they have the experience that matters, Call us today at 214-526-1100 to get the quality legal representation you deserve.

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