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The Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., has been helping clients throughout Chicago get the representation they need for many years. We know how difficult it can be to deal with criminal charges in state or Federal court, and even more difficult is dealing with the effects on your life after the dust has settled. We have helped countless of clients throughout the Chicago area win their case or obtain the best possible outcome and are confident we can help you do the same.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted and successful criminal defense law firms in Chicago. Here at the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we view handling your case as a privilege and we always pride ourselves in delivering the results that you seek. We believe we are successful at what we do because we put your needs first: your criminal case is unique and you need someone that can pay attention to every detail and then fight aggressively to protect your rights, every step of the way. Wherever you are in the Chicago area and no matter what criminal charges you are facing, do not settle for less than top-quality representation.

If you or a loved one has been questioned by law enforcement or has been charged with a serious crime, the stakes only get higher with each passing day and you need the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we have frank discussions with our clients about what’s at stake in cases involving charges for drugs, rape, murder, armed robbery, aggravated battery, unlawful use of a weapon, assault, theft, burglary, financial crimes, conspiracy, and other serious crimes. Because we know the serious repercussions a conviction could have on your life, we fight vigorously to obtain a “not guilty” outcome in every criminal case we handle.

Once you decide to retain the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we waste no time in evaluating and strategizing the best approach to take with your case, and we immediately get to work in mounting a solid defense on your behalf. We never ask or recommend that you plead guilty – instead, we start from the get-go believing in your innocence and being determined to set you free and clear your good name. But if you prefer that we negotiate an alternative resolution with the prosecution, such as deferred prosecution, drug school, boot camp, or plea bargain, we draw on our vast experience in working out plea bargains with Chicago area prosecutors in getting you the best result possible, should you elect to avoid going to trial and prefer to resolve your case before trial. So look no further than Attorney Morris Anyah when seeking the services of a criminal case lawyer in Chicago, Illinois.

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