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Divorce Litigation Attorney

Jacob Rubinstein at Rubinstein Law Firm is a leading divorce litigation attorney with numerous positive reviews from past clients. Our attorney can serve as a mediator between you and your spouse, avoid personal contact, and make the process easier to get through.

Can you settle a divorce without a professional lawyer?

If both partners agree on the divorce's terms, they may not require a lawyer to draft an agreement to give to the court. If the court determines that your form meets all of the state requirements and the terms seem fair to both the spouses, the judge may issue a divorce decree and terminate your marriage.

While you don't need to hire a great divorce lawyer in Nassau, it would be a wise decision to consult one before signing on the dotted line in any legal document relating to your divorce. You may not possess the expert legal knowledge or the expertise to review the proposed settlement agreements properly, and you could be risking your rights. Choosing a divorce lawyer to represent you can help you overcome the divorce battle victoriously and reduce your stress by half. Besides, an attorney will always keep your best interest at heart and negotiate the best deal for you, especially if your ex-spouse is unfair.

What if I cannot afford a divorce?

The only expense you will incur when filing for divorce is the court fees, provided you don't hire a family divorce attorney. If you cannot afford the court fees, you can request a fee waiver from the court clerk. Once you file your divorce forms, the judge can either approve it or deny your request.

Alternatively, if you require a lawyer to protect you in a divorce, the judge may ask your spouse to pay your legal fees, provided the court determines them capable of it. Besides, a judge may also direct you and your spouse to split the court costs and legal fees.

What can a divorce lawyer do for you?

While divorce can be a taxing time for you both emotionally and physically, divorce attorney tips can help make the process easier. An attorney can explain the grounds for divorce and help you understand your rights as a spouse.

Besides, the expert can help you determine whether to void or annul the marriage to get a divorce and negotiate the best deal for you regarding support and custody.

What not to do when you divorce? 

You should not hide assets in an attempt to shield them from your spouse. Prevent moving money out of accounts once your divorce process has begun. Moreover, refrain from looking grumpy, aggravated, or bitter to avoid tempering the judge's opinion. Meet with an attorney to receive guidance on what to do and what not to do during a divorce.

Don't go through your life's most emotionally and financially draining time alone! Call Rubinstein Law Firm at 516-268-7077 for a free case consultation or book one by visiting our website. Our divorce litigation attorney can help you develop a parenting plan, assist you in preparing the divorce papers, and negotiate a divorce settlement that is favorable to you.

Divorce Litigation Attorney

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