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DUI attorney near me

William C. Head is a preeminent DUI Attorney in Atlanta, GA, with exceptional negotiation skills and over four decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. The National College for DUI Defense named Mr. Head as the best DUI attorney in the country.

How to hire the best DUI and DWI lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Once you face a DUI/DWI conviction, it is important to meet with an attorney to prevent the conviction from becoming a part of your driver's record. Here's what to consider when searching for a DUI defense lawyer:

  • Experience - Try to find a lawyer with ample years of experience and a successful track record in handling DUI cases.
  • Focus - Make sure to find a criminal defense attorney that specializes in DUI/DWI laws to improve the odds of receiving a positive case outcome.
  • Communication - It is important to work with an Atlanta GA DUI attorney that returns calls within a reasonable amount of time and consistently updates you on the newer improvements and other details as your case pans out.

Besides, when looking for lawyers, go through the client testimonials, online ratings, awards, and other credentials of various DUI/DWI lawyers and law firms in your state. Be sure to hire a DUI lawyer in Atlanta, GA, that charges reasonable legal fees instead of hiring a lawyer that charges a suspiciously low fee.

Driver's license penalties in Georgia

All DUI convictions have license-related consequences. For a 1st offense DUI conviction, you may suffer a 12-month license suspension. For a second offense, you can face a 3-year license suspension, and for a third offense, you will suffer permanent revocation.

Individuals that fall under the category 'under 21 and 0.08%' can face permanent license revocation for a 3rd DUI offense. Make sure to hire one of the top-rated Atlanta DUI lawyers to dismiss or reduce your charges.

Jail time and fines for DUI convictions in Georgia

The DUI penalties in the state of Georgia largely depends on the number of prior convictions. For a 1st offense, you may receive anywhere from 10 days to 12 months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. For a 2nd offense, your sentence can range between 3 to 12 months of jail time, and fines can ranging from $600 to $1,000. A 3rd DUI offense becomes a felony, and your sentence can range between 6-12 months of jail time, and fines can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Besides these, you will also have community service, which can range between a minimum of 20 hours to 30 days. If this is your second DUI violation within five years, you will have to surrender your license plates.

Schedule a free consultation with Mr. Head to discuss your conviction and the legal options available. Call us at (404) 567-5515 to have William C. Head work on your case. Our #1 DUI Attorney in Atlanta, GA, can help over thousands of clients dismiss a DUI charge or reduce their penalties with his legal expertise and exceptional negotiation skills.

DUI attorney near me
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DUI attorney near me
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