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Dui Attorneys

The best DUI attorneys have extensive experience that is documented in their work history. Before hiring an attorney to represent you in criminal proceedings, you should learn as much information about the attorney as possible. Being a smart consumer requires educated shopping decisions based on factual evidence.

Five Questions to Ask the Top DUI Attorneys Before Hiring Them

William C. Head is a licensed attorney that has helped with countless DUI cases in the past. There are many reasons why Mr. Head is the right attorney to trust with your legal issue, but you are encouraged to explore your options. With a little research, you will quickly see that William C. Head is the best attorney to represent you.

  1. Experience – Asking questions is a crucial part of being a smart consumer. Learn about the work history of a law firm or attorney before letting them represent you. Experience matters a lot when it comes to criminal cases. Trusting a novice lawyer with your future could lead to less than favorable results. Mr. Bubba Head has been practicing criminal law for more than four decades. You can review his work history, customer testimonials, and service reviews to learn about the many exceptional cases he has won.
  2. Awards or Certifications – If a legal representative has been honored with an award, they will likely brag about it at every opportunity. Poke around regarding the recognition and organizations your attorney is associated with. Lawyers with service awards have proven their reputations through hard work and dedication to service. Mr. Head has been honored with multiple awards, such as Best Lawyer of the Year in 2012 and 2017. Mr. Head is a board-certified specialist in DUI defense law.
  3. Prices – It is suggested to agree on all fees before signing a contract with a defense attorney. Settling on a retainer price is the first step in the negotiation process. Mr. Head is notorious for offering some of the lowest defense rates in the business. He believes in helping people without leaving a hole in their wallets. It is essential to stay well informed regarding the cost of legal representation.
  4. Driver’s License Protection – Some legal attorneys can help protect your driving privileges if you seek services within thirty days of your initial arrest. Not all clients are eligible to receive driver’s license protection services, but there isn’t any harm in learning more information. Mr. Head has helped numerous drivers keep their driving privileges after a drunk driving offense.
  5. Availability – It doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer that doesn’t have time to give your case the attention it deserves. DUI charges are serious business that requires a serious approach.

Free Case Evaluations for DUI Defense

The William C. Head legal firm is now offering free case evaluations and consultations for anyone charged with a DUI offense. Give us a call at 404-567-5515 for a free case review from Mr. Head and his legal staff. Don’t delay in protecting your legal rights after a DUI criminal arrest.

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