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How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Ontario

The number of couples who walk down the aisle then file for divorce and separation is bleak in today’s society. Marriage seems like a honeymoon phase that cannot survive the realities of our typical personas or life demands. Divorce rates in the USA were at a 41% chance of failure as early as 2008. They are stable in 2021 as more people opt out of marriage for profound yet unofficial arrangements. The remaining batch that chooses divorce is better off with knowledge about divorce's actual costs before they even walk down the aisle.

Do cheap divorces exist?

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Ontario? Maybe you wonder, 'how do I apply for a divorce by myself?' Cheap legal divorces do not exist because you have to pay your way out of the union no matter how you go about it. The only way to lessen the financial sting is relying on mediators to determine the best way of translating your needs into actionable plans. The process is personal and easy to follow with the right amount of creativity and legal knowledge.

How much does a divorce cost in Ontario?

Uncontested divorce

The divorce process in Ontario has a severe financial wallop; hence couples should reason out ways to make it as affordable as possible. The uncontested divorce will cost an average of $1300 while the contested one could be between $7200 and $74,000. These fees do not include disbursement fees, containing court and process serving costs.

Factors affecting the cost of divorce

  • The location of the court
  • Using a lawyer during the entire divorce process
  • Presence or absence of children
  • An online or actual life divorce process
  • Use of collaborative or mediation
  • Attending trial
  • Collaboration with your spouse on the best course of action

Cost of divorce with a lawyer

The court does not require you to work with a divorce lawyer, but most people are prudent to know that Positive Solutions expand their chances for fairer deals.

The cost of divorce is vastly different when you use a qualified and competent lawyer. The specific fee range may also depend on the payment rate because some charge a fixed rate while others prefer hourly charges. The following is a breakdown of the average divorce cost in Ontario.

Basic court charges

  • The court’s mandatory fee is approximately $450 for both contested and uncontested cases.
  • You will cover $160 when filing the papers and some change at the search registry.
  • The rest of the approximate $500 will cover the case’s review in court.
  • The divorce certificate costs an extra $20 outside of the amount outlined above, which you can opt-out of receiving.

How can I get a divorce in Ontario? Mediation is a standard method of negotiating divorce to avoid the large amounts of using a lawyer. We do not make your choices but help you make better decisions that do not require a series of court trials and hearings. The process settles all issues in outside meetings without a public record of the case. Do you want to improve communication with your spouse while controlling the process and outcome? Get in touch with (888) 779 - 8777 for the best online mediation services for separating couples in Ontario.


How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Ontario
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How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Ontario
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