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Reasons Jeffrey Feulner Domestic Abuse Services Could Be Your Best Option

When domestic abuse becomes commonplace, divorce becomes inevitable. However, a lot of women (victims) try to persevere not because they feel their spouse will change but because they feel the odds of divorce may favor him. He could be rich enough to tip the divorce verdict in his favor. For instance, he could win the custody of their child or children.

Some women have had to use Jeffrey Feulner domestic abuse services and most of them got what they wanted. Jeffrey Feulner is one of the best and most experienced lawyers in domestic abuse and divorce issues so, making use of Jeffrey Feulner domestic abuse services will boost your chances of winning your divorce case. Here are some of the reasons to make use of Jeffrey Feulner domestic abuse services and they are the requirements you should look for in any law firm before you hire them.

Experience, expertise and knowledge

Reliable law firms should have the knowledge, experience, expertise and human resources to handle legal issues that are marriage related. This is why you must ask to know how long a particular law firm has been in operation. The older the firm the better for you. Experience always comes with a high level of expertise.

Another reason experience is important is because it would have given them the opportunity to build a wider network of who’s who in the legal industry. They could also gain favor with being acquainted with the judge. Besides, knowing the judge means they may know his preferences, quirks, biases and principles. All these will be put together in handling your case. This gives you a better advantage over the other party.

High win-loss ratio

Apart from experience, the win-loss ratio of a law firm is also very important. In fact, it is more important than experience. Their win loss ratio is your own chances of winning your divorce case.

Transparency and reasonable charges

Despite the quality of their services, their charges should be reasonable and they should be transparent to avoid receiving any shocking bill from them. Your charges should be made known to you at the very beginning. Since regular communication is very important in a legal proceeding, transparent law firms usually carry their clients along in every step they take.

One-time fee

They should only charge you one-time fee. Don’t hire a team that charges per hour. This tempts attorney to keep dragging meetings on and on to claim more money. One of the guiding principles of reliable law firms is integrity so they will tell you your chances of winning the case on the first visit.

Emotional and professional support

During the proceedings, you could take a wrong decision in a fit of rage or out of despair. And this error could drastically limit your chances of winning the case as the other party capitalize on it. This is why this law firm will provide emotional and professional support to avert such situations.

Free consultation

Great legal teams usually offer free consultation so their door is always open to prospective clients too. This is because they categorize people into two – You are either their current client or you are their prospective client.


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