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Orange City Attorneys Accident

Accidents happen, but when they cause bodily, mental, or emotional injury due to the intent, negligence, or carelessness of another person, it is considered more than just another accident. To Orange City attorneys, accidents such as that are considered personal injuries. As the victim of a personal injury, you have a right to compensation for your pain and suffering.

What do a victim of an auto accident or a work related accident have in common? Both of these victims are able to sue for damages related to a personal injury. Damages are usually placed into two different categories. The first is general damages, which are when the results of your injury can not be represented by itemized or measurable costs. For example, if you have fallen at work, but your injuries were covered by your insurance, you may only be able to sue for pain and suffering damages.

The other type of damages are special damages. Special damages are when your injury has caused clear and measurable costs. For example, if you are in a car accident, your costs can include any property damages not covered under either insurance plans. Your medical bills as a result of your injury can also be covered under special damages. If the accident was severe enough to keep you from working for a period of time, you could also claim loss of income. All of these costs could be considered compensations under special damages.

If your accident causes a permanent damage, such as an injury that will result in a lifetime of medical bills, or the loss of employment, or, in some cases, the loss of a personal business, you could potentially sue for compensation for these losses. Your Orange City, FL, attorney will advise you about what you will be able to claim.

If you feel as though you’ve suffered at the hand of another due to negligence or carelessness, then you should seek the assistance from a local Orange City, FL, lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. For example, Raymond and Nancy Biernacki, of Biernacki & Biernacki P.A., offer free consultations about your personal injury claims. They will advise you on any actions you can take under the law. Your Orange City lawyer is there to help you through the entire lawsuit process.

Contact an Orange City attorneys accident professional today to get you one step closer to getting the compensation you deserve from your accident. Don’t let bills pile up, get help today.

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