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There are steps you can take to increase your chances of avoiding a conviction when facing criminal charges in Sacramento. In contrast, there are mistakes you can make that can significantly hinder your ability to present a successful defense at trial. On this page, Brennan Defense Law Firm will present you with five mistakes you need to avoid if you are convicted for a crime in Sacramento.

Mistake #1: Getting Arrested Again

You must not involve yourself in anything that will get you arrested again if you are awaiting trial in Sacramento criminal court. Being accused of another crime is not going to win you any favors in court. You must be ready to show the judge that you are doing everything you can to reform yourself. Stay away from anyone who might be doing illegal things. Keep a low profile and try to set yourself up to avoid a criminal record.

Mistake #2: Missing a Court Date

In Sacramento, your trial date is not only the day you are required to show up in court. Ensure you know all the times and dates you are scheduled to appear in the court and make arrangements to be their earlier. If you are unclear when you need to be in court, talk to your Sacramento criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Mistake #3: Waiting Too Long to Speak with an Attorney

It would help if you speak to your attorney as soon as possible; waiting too long can put you in a dangerous position. The best way to avoid undesirable consequences is by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The sooner your attorney can get started, the more time he or she will have to build a strategic defense.  

Mistake #4: Assuming you are Innocent

You cannot assume that you will be found "not guilty" in court regardless of the facts of your case. Many of Sacramento's criminal statutes are extraordinarily complex. The law may say otherwise, even if you don't think you committed a crime. So, the fact that you didn't commit a crime isn't necessarily going to be enough to protect you.

Mistake #5: Assuming you are Guilty

It's dangerous to assume that you will be found guilty. There are so many criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento that can assert even if you committed the crime alleged. You cannot leave the outcome of your case in the hands of the jury, the prosecutors, and the judge because it may lead to consequences far beyond any term of imprisonment or probation. It would help if you defended yourself by all means available.

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