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Criminal felony warrant and charges are serious matters that need immediate attention for resolution. Ignoring a warrant isn’t going to make it disappear or expire because there aren’t limitations or expirations linked to felony charges. After being charged with a felony, you will need the best warrant attorney in Dallas watching your back. It is possible to get warrants lifted in Dallas, but you need a legal professional to guide you through the court process.

You can turn to the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt for premier legal guidance and support when you need it. Our team of professional felony warrant lawyers in Dallas, TX, can speak to the prosecuting attorney on your behalf. If you have an outstanding warrant issued in Texas, you will be arrested if encountered by police personnel. A Dallas federal warrant attorney is who will hold the keys to your freedom in felony criminal cases.

Fighting Back With Experienced Warrant Lawyers in Dallas, TX

Arrest warrants and search warrants are similar, but they are very different in the eyes of the legal system. An arrest warrant is issued when the prosecuting attorney feels sufficient evidence is presented to secure a criminal conviction. Search warrants are affidavits granted by the courts that give police officers legal standing to search a home, vehicle, or any other personal property of a criminal suspect.

Unlike arrest warrants for felony charges, search warrants expire after a specific time. Once arrested, you will need a Texas federal warrant lawyer to plead your case before the courts. An experienced lawyer can enter an initial plea of not guilty on your behalf, help reduce the amount of your bond, and fight for your legal rights. Even people who are accused of crimes in Texas have civil rights and liberties that deserve protection.

How to Handle a Felony Warrant in Dallas, Texas

Once you become aware of an active criminal warrant issued for your person, you will need to speak with our staff at the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt. You might feel like you should turn yourself over to the local authorities, but that is the worst advice to follow. Our law firm can prevent you from doing time in jail until you see a judge regarding your case.

If you turn yourself in to the authorities, you will remain incarcerated until your initial hearing with the judge. By contacting our law firm, you are taking the first step toward protecting your legal rights. At the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt, we cannot promise to solve all of your legal issues, but we can promise to provide the ultimate customer service experience.

Speak with an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in the DFW Area

You can contact attorney Bret W. Schmidt for a free case evaluation and consultation by dialing 214-526-110. Our staff will provide further instructions regarding scheduling and helpful items to bring along for your review. Call us to speak with one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Dallas.

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