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Car Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In 2017, there were just over 128,100 car crashes in Pennsylvania resulting in 80,612 injuries. Anyone who has been the victim of a car accident or collision can tell you about the lasting impact on one’s life. Even small fender benders have a way of disrupting normal day to day living. At  Metzger & Kleiner - Attorneys at Law, we work with victims every day who have found themselves in various complex and serious car accident incidents and need legal support so they can effectively recover. Those who have never found themselves in need of a lawyer for a car accident might not know what a car accident attorney in Philadelphia does, so we thought we would create this checklist of things your attorney should be doing for you. We hope you choose us; we believe the more knowledge you have about this legal process, the better the outcome you will have with your car accident case. How A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Explain the Law and Your Rights One of the most significant reasons you hire an attorney is based on their legal knowledge in the area of law in which you need. Many of us know attorneys, but hiring a specific car accident attorney in Philadelphia will prove to be invaluable to your car accident claim. These professionals understand the state and federal laws that might pertain to your case and also place the insurance companies on alert. Those who choose to use an attorney will statistically see a better settlement from their claim even after the legal fees are applied. Give You Experience-Based Insight About Your Case When you go to hire Philadelphia car accident attorney, you'll want one with accident-based experience. You can interview attorneys to see what kind of experience they have in court and out of court, to ensure you feel comfortable with their track record. Ask them questions about what types of cases they have worked on, especially those that are similar to your own. Ask them how those cases turned out and how they envision your case going. These insights will give you an idea about the attorney's skill sets and negotiating powers. Identify Important Factors to Win Your Case As a reputable car accident law firm in Philadelphia, we are primed to hear all the facts of your case so we can identify the details that will win your claim. No two accident cases are the same, and it's essential that an attorney looks at your situation with fresh ears and eyes. We will be able to pick out accident scene details that may seem insignificant but prove to be evidence of negligence. We will be able to identify experts who may be able to determine small aspects of your case resulting in a big outcome. A good car accident claim in Philadelphia will contain all the required elements needed to prove the other person either caused you serious harm or that your insurance is responsible for picking up your medical and property damages losses. Handle The Legal Paperwork Unfortunately, a car accident claim has no shortage of legal paperwork, process and requirements in order to process car accident case. Jumping through these hoops on your own will only stress and overwhelm you while you are trying to recover. We have car accident paperwork down to a science and understand all of the specific processes that have to be met so that your claim is submitted correctly. Communicate on Your Behalf One of the worst parts of a car accident is all the phone calls and negotiations that take place. If this is one of those areas that you dislike, you wouldn’t be alone; most people don’t care to participate in negotiations. Your Philadelphia car accident attorney Philadelphia is trained to communicate on your behalf and will deal aggressively with the insurance adjusters. Most of these legal professionals are happy to play the role of “bad guy” so you don’t have to.  The Medical Factors of a Car Accident Claim One of the most critical factors to your car accident claim in Philadelphia is how your medical claim takes shape. Your accident attorney will support this part of your case in a couple of different ways.
  • First - They will organize your medical paperwork and look for nuances that will help your case. Medical records need to be complete and cover all aspects of your injuries. If something seems out of sort or missing, your attorney will direct you in how to overcome these obstacles.
  • Second - An attorney can request medical paperwork and proof from your providers with your authorization. If you are unclear about what you need or the attorney needs something specific, they can personally make the calls and inquiries in order to obtain the data.
  • Third - A car accident lawyer in Philadelphia will have local resources to medical professionals that will give you better third-party opinions and care than the ones that the insurance company suggests you use.
  • Fourth - Your attorney will make sure that you have “total” care, rather than just physical care. Meaning, they will ensure that any emotional distress, PTSD or other non-physical injuries are treated as well, so you get better treatment and compensation as a result.
We are standing by and ready to hear the details about your car accident claim. We urge you to gather as much information and evidence that you have and call us to discuss your claim. We will sort through the details together and give you an accurate assessment about your case. Give Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law offices a call or connect with us online, and let’s get to work on your case.  

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