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Scaffolding can present dangers for both the worker whose safety relies on the equipment and the passersby below. If a scaffold falls and hits someone on the head, the resulting injuries are usually serious and sometimes fatal. Our personal injury attorneys represent people injured in scaffolding accidents in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. At Metzger & Kleiner, we have protected the rights of personal injury victims in the Philadelphia metro area and the Lehigh Valley since 1967, including people hurt in scaffolding accidents. We are focused on the needs of our clients and will carefully listen to the details of your story so that we can identify all potential concerns, as well as your needs. We will make certain that you are updated on all developments in your case and that you understand your rights and options, as well as your likelihood of success. At our office, every new client is entitled to a free consultation. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call us at 215-567-6616 in Philadelphia, or 610-435-7400 in the Lehigh Valley.

Protecting Construction Workers Injured in Scaffolding Accidents

Many construction workers, as well as window washers and other employees who sustain injuries in scaffolding or ladder accidents, suffer such severe injuries that they cannot return to work for extended periods. Some scaffolding falls or injuries can even result in permanent disability or death. We handle all matters related to or arising out of a scaffolding accident. We will carefully investigate the facts of your case and prepare and file all necessary documents. We will also be your advocate in all hearings or proceedings, including depositions, settlement meetings and trial.

Our Approach

At Metzger & Kleiner, we value information that comes directly from our clients. We will never be too busy to meet with you, and we will always be available to answer your questions. We will spend time gathering facts in an attempt to determine whether negligence was a factor in your accident.
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Contact us online or call our office at 215-567-6616 in Philadelphia, or 610-435-7400 in Allentown for a private consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania scaffolding accident injury attorney. Your first meeting is without cost or obligation. We will come to your home or the hospital if necessary. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers take all scaffolding injury cases on a contingency basis. We will only charge attorney fees if we recover compensation for your losses.

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