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How to Spot – and Avoid – a Distracted Driver

How to Protect Yourself From Distracted Drivers Each year, around 390,000 road users are injured in distracted driving accidents. Since distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of car accidents, it pays to be able to spot and avoid them. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe on … [Read more...]

The Dangers of E-scooters

E-scooter Accidents Are on the Rise When the electric scooter boom first started in 2018, this new mode of transportation seemed like a promising way to provide people with a cheap, convenient way to get around. Unfortunately, the e-scooter boom has turned into a public nuisance. More and more … [Read more...]

When Knee Replacement Surgery Gets Botched

What To Do After a Botched Knee Replacement Surgery People who decide to undergo knee replacement surgery do so with the expectation of relief and improved mobility. However, the surgical procedure may not go as planned in some cases. These instances only occur in 7% of surgeries, but when they do … [Read more...]

Could Roundabouts Increase Traffic Safety?

Understanding Roundabouts' Effects on Traffic Did you know that the number of roundabouts in the United States has almost doubled in the past decade? Though this form of intersection is still somewhat rare, it's becoming an increasingly popular way of dealing with unsafe areas. Here's what you need … [Read more...]

Will a Right-On-Red Ban Save Lives?

Pedestrian and cyclist deaths are on the rise in the U.S. and reached a 40-year-old high in 2022. This has led Pennsylvania and many other states to look for solutions and make policy changes. One solution, according to some advocates, is to ban turning right on red, which is a legal driving … [Read more...]

Shoulder Injuries and Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries. Shoulder injuries are common in part due to the strain exerted by seat belts. These are the five common shoulder injuries that can occur due to a motor vehicle accident. Rotator Cuff Tears Car accidents are a leading cause of severe … [Read more...]

Slip and Fall Accidents in Grocery Stores

Slip and fall accidents in grocery stores are more common than you might think. About 12% of these accidents result in hospital visits. If you have slipped in a supermarket and hurt yourself, you may want to consider a few legal options. Shopping Injuries Can Happen It may seem like slipping and … [Read more...]

Modern Techniques for Tracking Drivers’ Cellphone Use

From texting to talking, using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of getting into an accident. In 2021, an NHTSA study found that around 2.5% of all drivers talked on handheld phones while driving. While current techniques for tracking cellphone use are limited in their efficacy, it's … [Read more...]

Are Truck Accident Lawsuits More Complicated?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of truck accidents occur around the country. These types of crashes can result in serious injuries, but getting compensation in a lawsuit isn't always straightforward. There are several factors that can make a commercial truck accident lawsuit more complex than one … [Read more...]

Negotiating Your Accident Insurance Claim

In 2022, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported a total of 115,938 motor vehicle accidents. Of those, 67,012 resulted in injuries. Understanding how to negotiate a successful claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company could be a way to restore your financial peace of … [Read more...]

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