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Assault and Battery Injuries: Your Rights May Extend Beyond Criminal Charges

More Than 70 Combined Years of Personal Injury Legal Experience in Philadelphia

Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep premises reasonably safe. This can include keeping sidewalks even and shoveled, installing smoke alarms and keeping stairwells and handrails in good repair. But did you know that property owners can also be held responsible for inadequate security? It's true. Examples of security precautions property owners must often take to ensure a safe environment for the public include:
  • Providing light so that criminals are deterred
  • Ensuring that guests are not served excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Providing and monitoring premises by using cameras
  • Providing on-site security personnel
  • Adequately screening personnel (i.e. not hiring individuals already convicted of violent crimes)
If you are the victim of assault and battery in Pennsylvania and have questions regarding a possible civil suit against a property owner, contact the personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law in Philadelphia and Allentown. Our strong, 40-year old track record includes:
  • A case involving a gunshot wound occurring at a workplace that could have been prevented by better security. The case settled for a high-value sum.
  • A case involving a fatal gunshot wound occurring in a fast food restaurant. Our representation demonstrated that the property owner failed to implement proper security measures. The case settled for a high-value sum.
  • A case involving a fatal gunshot that occurred at a bank. Our investigation revealed that, while the bank had a security in place, it was operational. We obtained a high-value and confidential settlement for the deceased's family members.

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