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Metzger and Kleiner Represents Family of Man Killed by Police

Mentally Ill Man Shot By Police Police shot and killed a man in Allentown in February, 2013, contending that he had approached officers with a machete, and that efforts to neutralize him with a Taser were unsuccessful. The man's family indicated that he had experienced mental health problems for … [Read more...]

Assault and Battery Injuries: Your Rights May Extend Beyond Criminal Charges

More Than 70 Combined Years of Personal Injury Legal Experience in Philadelphia Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep premises reasonably safe. This can include keeping sidewalks even and shoveled, installing smoke alarms and keeping stairwells and handrails in good repair. But did … [Read more...]

What Constitutes False Imprisonment?

In the state of Pennsylvania, a person can be criminally charged with false imprisonment. This happens when a person knowingly restrains another in ways that interfere with the victim's liberty. You can also seek full and fair compensation for any losses you suffered when someone wrongfully detained … [Read more...]

City of Philadelphia Settles 21 Suits Involving the Narcotics Field Unit

The Narcotics Field Unit, a division of the City of Philadelphia's Police Department invaded small bodegas and smoke shops in the City, saying they were searching for the small plastic bags often used to package drugs. The merchants complained that the officers were stealing cash and merchandise … [Read more...]

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