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What to Do if your Auto Insurance Claim is Denied

It comes as a surprise to most people. You purchase a policy of automobile insurance, and make your payments in a timely manner. You are involved in an accident and file a claim for property damages, as well as physical injuries. The facts seem clear and there appears to be no question that you are entitled to coverage, but an insurance adjuster contacts you, asks a bunch of questions, and the next thing you know, your claim has been denied. Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible to settle your claim. It's how they maximize their profits and satisfy their shareholders. If your claim has been wrongfully denied, you should immediately contact an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. There are, however, additional measures you can take to protect your interests.

Get a Written Statement Regarding the Specific Reason the Claim was Denied

Before you can challenge the denial of a claim, you need to know why the insurance company believes they have no obligation to reimburse you for your losses. Typical reasons include:
  • You don't have coverage for the specific type of loss—your insurer may argue that you don't have coverage for collision, or that your policy only covers your liability to other injured parties, and does not cover your losses.
  • Your policy has lapsed because of failure to timely pay the premium
  • The person driving the vehicle was not a named insured on the policy
If you disagree with the insurance company's denial of your claim, contact your insurer by letter, advising them of the mistake. If you have documentary evidence to support your claim, provide it at this time. If your insurer refused to bargain in good faith, you can seek redress through the office of the state insurance commissioner. You also have the option to file a lawsuit at any time, alleging breach of contract or violation of insurance laws.

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