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Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

One in ten construction workers are injured in onsite accidents each year. People who work construction take risks, whether they are working on a small office rehab project or a large-scale mall or a condo development. On most sites, the heavy machinery and power tools, wiring of electricity, multiple stories-high scaffolding, and numerous subcontractors working on different parts of the job all contribute to an inherently dangerous workplace. When a construction worker is injured, the injury is often serious, with a lengthy recovery time. If an accident is caused by someone else's recklessness, carelessness, or disregard for safety laws, the worker injured may be eligible to sue for compensation to pay for lost wages, medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other accident-related damages.

Common Causes of Injuries on Construction Sites

Site owners, contractors, or other workers not following legal safety standards. Cutting corners to save money on a construction project is not a good idea when safety standards and laws are disregarded. Sites where safety standards such as proper equipment maintenance are neglected are accidents waiting to happen. Construction Site Large Equipment An accident involving large moving machinery, including cranes, front loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks, can seriously injure drivers, surrounding workers, and even people who just happen to be working in the area or passing by. Falling objects on constructions sites. Construction sites are generally multilevel. A hammer falling from scaffolding three stories up can become a lethal weapon. Strong winds, if not anticipated by site planners, can literally sweep wood beams and tools off scaffolding at heights. Overwork on Jobsites. Construction workers are often working for contractors or employers who are under a strict timeline. Workers then push themselves hard, which can result in repetitive stress injuries, slips and falls, heatstroke and mistakes due to exhaustion. Electrical Burns. If everyone on a site is not aware that the electrician is working with live wires, someone might flip a switch or back into a wire, and be seriously injured due to electrical shock. In some cases, a person dies as a result of electrocution. Slips and Falls. If trenches or pits are not fenced off, or if they are missing warning signs, a worker could potentially take a step and plummet 30 feet down, seriously injuring himself. Simply slipping on a wet surface from a height can lead to catastrophic injury. Other common falls involve ladder injuries, scaffolding collapses, and collapses of floors and walls, and elevator shaft falls. Fires and Explosions on Construction Sites. Leaking pipes, unseen gases, exposed wiring, and other dangers can lead to a fire or an explosion, injuring dozens of workers.

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