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Dog Attacks in Pennsylvania – What Are Your Rights?

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When you are injured a car accident, you exchange insurance information and/or wait for the police to arrive. When you are injured at work you bring the matter to your supervisor. When you are injured in a random dog attack, though, it can be hard to know what to do. Often, this confusion leads to the failure to submit a claim. This is a mistake. Pennsylvania provides ample laws which protect individuals from dog attacks, and both Pennsylvania law and insurance coverage provide rights to many animal attack victims once injuries occur. If you need answers and assistance following a Pennsylvania dog attack, contact the personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law in Philadelphia and Allentown. Our attorney team has more than seven decades of personal injury legal experience in Pennsylvania and, importantly, has a record of results. We have achieved dozens of six- and seven-figure awards, including awards of:
  • $4.1 million
  • $1.7 million
  • $3.1 million
  • $1 million
Dog attack cases generally fall under the premises liability umbrella, legally. They are therefore often covered by homeowner's insurance. If they occur at a place of business, additional insurance coverage may apply. We can investigate the facts of the attack, work with medical providers to document scarring, disfigurement and other injuries, and negotiate and litigate for the full compensation you are owed. Our offices are conveniently accessed via public transportation, Spanish language services are available at our Lehigh Valley office and we can come to you if you are unable to come to us. To contact us to schedule a no-charge consultation following an animal attack in southeastern Pennsylvania, call 215 622-2210 in Philadelphia, 610 563-2186 in Allentown or toll free at 800 228-1760.

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