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Investigating a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Investigations

When you have been injured while riding on a motorcycle, whether you were operating the bike or just a passenger, motorcycle accident investigations can make the difference between recovering the compensation you need and going without. This blog post identifies the things you need to look for after a bike accident.

Protect Your Rights after a Motorcycle Accident

The first part of your investigation should take place at the scene of the accident. You want to have pictures of the intersection, as well as any roads leading to the scene of the crash. If there are skid marks, you should note exactly where they are, and take pictures of them as well. Locate all traffic signs or signals, as well as any markings on the road, and document them. Note whether there are road conditions, such as repairs, potholes, cracked pavement or asphalt, which may have contributed to the accident. If there were witnesses to the crash, they need to be thoroughly interviewed. Your questions should address what they saw, both in terms of the actions of all drivers, as well as weather or road conditions, lighting or other factors. Next, you will want to have your motorcycle fully inspected, as well as any other vehicles that were involved in the accident. In addition to claims of negligence against other drivers for their carelessness on the road, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your bike, or another vehicle, if you can show that product defects contributed to your injury.

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