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Medication Errors that Lead to Medical Malpractice

Medication Errors that Lead to Medical Malpractice

Modern pharmaceutical products have brought health and relief to millions. The proper drug, in the proper dosage, can ease pain and discomfort, minimize risk of infection, and even combat illness. However, when doctors, nurses or pharmacists are careless, and you get the wrong medication, or an improper dosage, the consequences can be devastating. It's important to know the types of medication errors and when they rise to the level of medical malpractice. Contact a personal injury attorney for help with your medical malpractice case.

The Most Prevalent Medication Mistakes

Medication errors can be made by doctors, nurses or pharmacists. Doctors may confuse patients or diagnoses, and write the wrong prescription. They may also fail to properly take other factors into consideration, including prior existing conditions or other drugs you may already be taking. As a result, they may prescribe incorrect dosages, or may write prescriptions for drugs that have serious side effects in combination with a pre-existing condition or with other medications you are taking. In some instances, it may be as simple as negligence or carelessness in handwriting that is misread by a pharmacist. Nurses frequently make mistakes in administering medications, either through inattentiveness, or because they have too many patients and either can't keep track or can't keep up. Hospitals and clinics may fail to have proper procedures in place, so that nurses may inadvertently give patients the wrong medication. Nurses may fail to take appropriate steps to read or interpret charts or doctor's orders, and give patients incorrect drugs or improper dosages. Pharmacists can also be liable for malpractice after a medication error. A prescription may be properly written, but carelessly filled. Mistakes are often made in instructions in drug containers, so that patients take too much or too little medication.

When Medication Errors Rise to the Level of Malpractice

In order to have a claim for medical malpractice based on a medication error, you must show not only that someone acted negligently, but also that you suffered harm, and the harm was caused by the negligence. Even if your condition improved after a medication error, you may be able to demonstrate injury. It's always best to have an experienced injury lawyer review your case.

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