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The Primary Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2006, a motorcycle accident results in a fatality more than six times as often as a car crash. The NHTSA found that there were more than 72 fatal crashes per 100, 000 accidents for motorcycles, with just over 13 deaths per 100,000 car collisions. This blog post looks at the major causes of motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured while riding a bike, the attorneys at Metzger & Kleiner have the experience and skill to help you pursue full and fair compensation for all your injuries. Contact our office by e-mail or call us at 215 622-2210 in Philadelphia, 610 563-2186 in the Lehigh Valley, or toll free at 800 228-1760 for a free initial consultation.

What Are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes?

According to study after study, the leading cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other motorists to pay necessary attention, causing them to turn into the path of a motorcycle. This can involve changing lanes into the space of a motorcycle traveling in the same direction, or making a left turn into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Even though there are more motorcyclists on the roads, as well as national media campaigns encouraging drivers to pay attention for bikers, this continues to be a significant problem. Other frequent causes of motorcycle accidents include:
  • The negligence of the motorcyclist—This may stem from a lack of training or experience. It may also be a failure to use appropriate caution, or to obey speed or other traffic laws, signs or signals. Unfortunately, there are also far too many accidents involving motorcyclists who were intoxicated.
  • Roadway conditions, including potholes, gravel, broken pavement, water or oil on the roads
  • Equipment failures, such as flat tires, brake failure or other breakdowns
  • Lane splitting by motorcyclists—This happens when a biker drives between two lanes of cars while on the road

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