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Semi Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Information Regarding Your Rights After a Truck Accident

Semi trucks operate differently than cars and pickups. When you are in an auto wreck involving a large commercial vehicle, then, it can be difficult to understand what caused the accident. The personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner have assisted clients following semi truck accidents for more than 40 years. One of the first steps in assisting clients and their families after a truck accident is to explain the likely cause of the accident. Truck accidents are often caused by:
  • Shifting loads and cargos
  • Drivers who don't follow federal regulations regarding sleep, rest and medication
  • Drivers and transport companies that fail to adhere to federal regulations regarding vehicle maintenance, including tire and brake care
  • Visibility issues
  • Inadequate screening upon hiring of truck drivers
When you're injured or grieving, it is not the time to take on insurance companies or to begin a crash course in understanding laws governing semi trucks. Instead, turn to a law firm that is highly knowledgeable regarding truck accidents and that has recovered millions of dollars in for truck accident victims. At Metzger & Kleiner we have investigated hundreds of vehicle accident cases. We can obtain police reports, trucking company reports, phone records, maintenance logs, drivers' logs and numerous other documents needed to build a strong case. At the same time, we have built our practice on providing personal service. The result? Numerous six- and seven-figure awards in truck accident cases, including a $1.7 million settlement for the estate of a local woman who was struck by a truck while crossing the street. We operate two conveniently located offices, charge only a contingency fee and promise legal counsel from an attorney, not members of our support staff. For a no-charge consultation following an accident, contact us at 1-800-228-1760.

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