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Car Accident Lawyers in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Have you been impacted by one of the thousands of car accidents that have taken place in Pennsylvania in 2019? If you are considering your legal pathway after a car accident, you’ll want to take a moment and read through this post. In this article, Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law is going to discuss some of the important factors that impact a car accident and whether or not you need an Allentown car accident law firm to represent your case. On Average, a car accident victim can expect to pay $800-$900 for a car accident. This would include medical expenses and repairs to your car if it wasn’t totaled. What this doesn't account for is any time that you miss at work or the associated pain and suffering that you may endure as a result of the incident. All too often, your medical expenses will far surpass that average number and if so, how are you supposed to recover? One way is to hire an Allentown car accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to make the best recovery possible. What You Need From An Allentown Car Accident Attorney We never think about needing a car accident attorney, and dare we say, the public can often make fun of all those commercials they see on their local news with lawyers “acting tough” to serve you. The truth is, you need an aggressive attorney for an accident case, albeit, it will look a little different. Here are some character assets that you will want from an Allentown car accident lawyer.
  • A Tough Negotiator - Your Allentown car accident claim is vulnerable to all kinds of interference from insurance adjusters. These adjusters start off posing as concerned parties but often seek to find ways to discredit your claim. Remember, the role of the adjuster is to pay you as little as possible for your claim. If negotiating makes you uncomfortable, or if you’re afraid of making a mistake in speaking with them about your claim, you should hire an attorney. A good attorney will be a strong negotiator on your behalf. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney about their negotiation skills and examples of how that has worked out for them.
  • Plenty of Experience Both In and Out of the Courtroom - Most car accidents cases will be decided out of court in a “settlement.” Even if you file a lawsuit, chances are the insurance company will settle before the case goes to trial. You will need an attorney who is comfortable working through the claims process in great detail and yet ready to take your case to trial if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for. Ask your attorney what their trial experience is and how comfortable they feel about trying cases.
  • An Attorney Who Has Resources - The process of building a solid car accident case requires many moving parts. Your attorney should be a master at juggling these things for you. They should have excellent claim management skills which would include things like filing legal paperwork on time, organizing your medical records, promptly handling insurance communication and knowing when to call in additional help for your case. A car accident attorney should have these resources along with external ones like specialists, medical experts, crash analysts, investigators, etc.
  • A Lawyer with a Legal Track-Record - One thing many people forget to ask their lawyer about is experience and their proven track record. An car accident lawyer Allentown should have no problem sharing their track-record with you. They might not be able to share case specifics and sensitive information, but they should be able to give you a good sense of their wins and losses and explanations for both.
Questions for your Allentown Car Accident Attorney Interviews Strict Liability ClaimsYes, we encourage you to interview your top three or four picks about their legal vision and perspectives. We thought it might be helpful to give you the most valuable list of questions to ask us, or anyone else you decide to interview, about representing you. Have you represented any other victims who experienced injuries or damages like mine? The answer to this question will show you how “truthful” the attorney is, as most of us can gauge when someone is giving a truthful testament or a false narrative. The answer will also provide you with insight as to how your case might be handled with the attorney’s firm. What is your strategy with opposing parties/insurers who are challenging to work with? The answer to this question will give you some insight as to how the attorney negotiates and how aggressive they will be in working on your behalf. You might even ask some details about the attorney’s communication style. What can you do to help my case or protect it? This is an important question to ask your attorney because it will reveal how they build relationships with their clients. Car accident cases often take a long time, and your interaction with them will be frequent. You want an attorney you can build a professional relationship with and one you can trust. The answer to this question will help you decide if the attorney will want to work together and truly listen to the details of your case, or someone who is simply looking at your case as the next ‘meal ticket.’ Are you ready to speak with us and ask these questions yourself? At Metzger & Kleiner - Attorneys at Law, we welcome the opportunity and suggest you call or contact us online so we can hear the details of your particular case. We serve the greater Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton area and seek to find our neighbors the justice and compensation they  deserve. We look forward to hearing from you.    

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