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Truck Accident Lawyers in Allentown, Pennsylvania

One out of 159 people were injured in a traffic accident in 2017 in Pennsylvania. 155-people died from heavy truck accidents in just that year, and numerous others were seriously injured in more than 7,300 crashes. Semi-trucks bring a different level of danger to the roads, and while drivers are only trying to do their work, none of us wants to be tangled in an accident with them as they almost always result in severe injuries or damages. The cost of recovery from this sort of accident is significant, too. Between property damages and bodily injury, the bills rack up making recovery even more worrisome for victims. At Metzger & Kleiner - Attorneys at Law, we help those who have experienced a significant accident with one of these types of vehicles and understand their complexities. Here are a few things you should consider when pursuing a legal case regarding a truck accident attorney in Allentown. Accidents that Happen With Semi-Trucks Semi-truck accidents are unique to those with just passenger cars. They tend to involve more vehicles and impact more lives. Here is a snapshot into some of the accidents that make these incidents so dangerous.
  • Jackknife - You have probably heard this term before and maybe even seen one of these accidents, or the result of one, on the roadway. A jackknifed semi-truck leaves the driver little to no time to react. There isn’t much the truck driver can do to correct this situaution once it has begun. As a passenger in a car, all you can do is try to avoid or dodge a semi-truck that has jackknifed. Did you know that many times, trucking companies will disable, or de-power, the front brakes of these trucks so they can move at higher rates of speed or accelerate easier? More than 5,000 trucks were removed from the roadways last year for brake violations. What this means for you is that you are less protected on the road. If this violation can be proven, whoever was found to disable or de-power the breaks could be held negligent in your truck accident. An Allentown truck accident lawyer can investigate the facts of the collision to learn this information.
  • Semi-Truck Fuel Fires - These massive trucks carry all kinds of loads including chemical and fuel. Most trucks will protect against fire by keeping battery sparks far from the potential engine or ignition components, but sometimes, these preventative measures aren’t taken. As a result, fire or explosions can happen and impact anyone (or any car) nearby. If the battery was placed in a vulnerable position, one that could have been placed elsewhere to prevent such an incident, the truck driver/company could be held accountable in an accident.
  • Semi-Truck Roll-Over Accidents - There are many contributing factors as to how roll-over accidents happen which tend to have a devastating effect on anyone nearby. Some of these can be because of driver negligence. If it can be proven that the driver took a curve too fast, was driving too fast, was fatigued or driving under the influence, these matters would be grounds for a lawsuit. Even truck malfunctions like improperly inflated tires, an improperly loaded truck or brake failure can result in proving recklessness on the part of the driver or company.
  • Semi-Truck Brake failure Accidents - An experienced Allentown truck accident law firm knows how to get to the bottom of truck malfunction issues. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, and many safety measures have to be adhered to, pursuant to state and federal laws. Trucks use air brakes, typically, which can only take so much pressure and heat before they fail and cause harm to others. A truck accident attorney in Allentown would be able to track down the manufacturer and learn if the breaks have had previous malfunctions or recalls. They can also determine if the breaks have been properly maintained or if the load the driver was carrying was too much for the braking system.
Semi Truck Accident Damages If you’ve been injured in a semi-truck accident, there are a number of damages that you can seek beyond your medical treatment. While these are the most significant priorities following an accident, they are only the start of your full recovery. A person can pursue legal compensation on all forms of medical treatment including hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, home care and domestic services such as lawn mowing. Different types of care are also a part of your recovery such as therapy and emotional distress. Your Allentown truck accident lawyer will also pursue the damages associated with your property damage (your vehicle) as well as the money you have lost in immediate earnings and those you will continue to lose during your recovery period. Depending on how your accident has impacted the rest of your life, your spouse can even seek damages including the loss of your overall income into the household, the emotional hardship or loss of companionship. Why Choose an Allentown Truck Accident Attorney  The best way you can ensure your legal rights are fully protected is to hire a truck accident law firm in Allentown that understands the laws and regulations of the trucking industry. Further, you’ll want to choose a truck accident lawyer Allentown who has a proven track record with these sorts of cases and knows how to handle these claims for the best possible outcomes. These types of attorneys know how to position your claim, gather evidence to support the claim and come with a slew of resources to help your case. This is invaluable in winning a truck accident lawsuit, and you should feel comfortable seeking out someone with this legal specialty. Metzger & Kleiner - Attorneys at Law, has years of experience in helping victims with truck accident cases in Allentown and would be happy to hear the details of your case. Give us a call today or connect with us online , and let’s get started.  

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