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Boating Accidents

Boating is one of the most pleasurable experiences a person can have in the summer. It is also one of the most dangerous. People often don't treat boats as motor vehicles. They don't give them the same respect they would a car. Some people routinely drink and drive on boats, especially speedboats or houseboats. Over one in three boat crashes involve a driver who was boating while under the influence of alcohol (BUI). Somehow because it's on the water people believe that regular rules of law do not apply. Nothing could be further from the truth. BUI is a crime. Especially around holiday times, boating accidents can be especially deadly. People are enjoying their friends and family, not paying attention to fellow boaters. They are driving too fast in no wake zones. They are driving at night without proper lights. They are waterskiing or swimming and get too close to a propeller or another boat. They are not paying attention to the heat of the sun, and may suffer heatstroke or heat exhaustion. The weather also can cause otherwise careful boaters to have serious accidents. For instance, on July 4, 2012 in the Long Island Sound in New York, a celebration turned deadly for the 27 people on board a yacht when the weather changed. At least 27 people were on a boat parked watching fireworks at the Seawanhaka Yachting Club in Oyster Bay. When the fireworks ended, the boat pulled away, but the calm weather gave way to hail, rain, and high waves and winds. When the boat tried to turn, it capsized. Three people died and two were sent to the hospital. Fortunately, the others were rescued by the Coast Guard and nearby boaters. Inexperienced boaters can also contribute to dangerous accidents, including serious jetski, powerboat, sailing, or other accidents. People who have suffered serious injury due to the negligence of another boater do have recourse. They may be able to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages, including pain and suffering.

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