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Don’t Let the BedBugs Bite

Don't Let the BedBugs Bite

A recent article indicated that the School District of Philadelphia has had a bedbug problem at Dobbins High School, and that the students are safe while the school cleans the property. As a personal injury attorney who has been handling bedbug-related litigation for the past five years, I can say with some authority that this is not correct. Upon discovery of bedbugs, it is imperative that the area of infestation be properly exterminated. Such extermination requires the removal of belongings and property, inspection of the property located in the infested area, as well as all adjacent areas, and in some cases, the disposal of said property. Furthermore, the area should be sealed in order to allow for proper use of chemicals. In matters in which we have represented individuals attacked by bedbugs, the claims usually deal with a tenant/landlord situation, hotels, stores or movie theaters, where there is failure to properly exterminate and close off the areas of bedbug infestation during the extermination. Many experienced exterminators use sniffing dogs to locate the bedbugs, and then require three treatments with appropriate chemicals to rid the area of these pests. It is not important where the bedbugs come from. Proper methods must be employed to rid the premises of the bedbugs. Failure to do so can expose landlords, hotels, movie theaters and stores to liability. If you would like more information regarding bedbug litigation and your rights, please contact this office. People are entitles to fair compensation for all their losses, inconvenience and medical treatment, if necessary.

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