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How a Lawyer Can Assist After You’ve Been in an Accident

Get Professional Legal Help After an Accident

According to the Public Health Foundation, vehicle accidents account for 2.7 million emergency room visits each year. Being in a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic enough, but if you are injured due to another person's negligence, not getting the compensation you deserve can add to your stress.

Be Careful When Dealing With Insurance Companies

Being involved in a vehicle accident can result in physical pain, emotional trauma and confusion about what to do in the hours and days immediately following. Dealing with insurance companies adds to the stress of an accident. That’s because the goals of the insurance company are not always aligned with your best interests. The job of an insurance company representative or claims adjuster is to make sure his or her company pays as little as possible when settling accident claims. By getting an experienced lawyer, you can combat this and get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Talk Yourself Into an Unfair Settlement

Shortly after you have been in an accident, you can expect to “chat” with an insurance company representative pretty quickly. You may find him or her to be friendly and sympathetic, someone who seems genuinely interested in helping you. Insurance claim adjusters have the uncanny knack for getting accident victims to speak freely. You may not realize that any information you share with a claim representative is fair game when determining a settlement amount. Insurance company representatives will record your telephone conversations, and they know the right questions to ask to keep you talking and providing information that will not serve your best interests. Avoid having any serious conversations or committing to a settlement before discussing your situation with an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies after vehicle accidents. Read further to understand why you need an Allentown accident attorney when you have been injured in an auto accident.

You May Not Be Aware of Injuries Immediately

Suppose you walk away from a vehicle accident, meaning that you did not need to go to a hospital, but a few hours or a couple of days later, you notice bruising or experience pain or nausea. You decide to seek medical attention, and you learn that your problems are stemming from the accident. Chances are when you file a claim for damages, the insurance company will question the origin of your injuries and may suggest that your ailments are caused by a preexisting condition.

Desperation Can Lead to an Unfair Settlement

Insurance companies often prey on the vulnerabilities that come after an accident. Expensive medical care, months of rehabilitation, time away from work and other losses can cause the bills to pile up. Feelings of frustration and helpfulness begin to wear you down. Knowing this, an insurance company may try to get you to settle for what seems like a nice sum of money for the short term, but most likely, you won’t get what you deserve for your suffering.

Your Attorney Knows How to Advocate for You

An Allentown accident attorney will help you avoid the hassles of dealing with an insurance company on your own. An accident attorney has seen and heard it all from insurance companies. He or she can serve as the liaison between you and the insurance company. You won’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing when an insurance company representative contacts you because your lawyer will handle the communications for you. Your accident attorney will also instruct you on what documentation you should have available, including medical records and receipts for medical expenses. Your Allentown accident attorney also knows that there are multiple expenses associated with accidents, and some of them are not so obvious. For example, if a driver crashes into your car, and it is severely damaged, chances are any valuables you were transporting at the time will sustain damage. Maybe you had your laptop with you, and it was flung onto the floor by the impact of a collision. If the laptop ends up broken or damaged, it should be replaced by the insurance company responsible for paying your claim. If you have files stored on the computer, it may be so damaged that it is impossible to retrieve the files. That could be an issue, especially if you are self-employed, and your saved documents could help generate income.

Leave the Hard Work to Your Attorney

There is no need to take on big insurance companies when an attorney who specializes in auto accidents can do the job for you. You are more likely to be compensated fairly for all your losses because a lawyer will conduct a thorough inquiry to make sure no stone is left unturned. When you have been in an accident, don’t allow an insurance company to coerce you into accepting a settlement that won’t begin to cover your losses. A Metzger & Kleiner accident attorney is not afraid to go toe to toe with an insurance company and get you the fair compensation you deserve. Call us at (215) 567-6616, and learn how we can help.

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