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The Importance of Investigating a Motor Vehicle Accident

Car Accident Investigations

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident, there's always benefit to conducting a full investigation of the causes of the accident, even if it may seem obvious who caused the accident and how. The principal reason for fully investigating a car, truck or motorcycle accident is so that you can identify all potentially responsible parties and can improve your chances of getting full and fair compensation for all your losses. Thorough car accident investigations will also help your legal counsel determine if there is any evidence to suggest that your actions contributed to the accident. This information can help you determine whether a settlement is desirable, as well as the potential value of the case. Some specific examples will help illustrate:
  • Example #1—Suppose you are involved in an accident and the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. An investigation may show that, while the other driver failed to stop at a red light, there were also roadway defects (maybe a pothole or maybe the light itself was defective or burned out) that contributed to the collision. The car may have been recently serviced and had a negligent or substandard brake job. In such a circumstance, you may be able to identify other responsible parties who have the resources to compensate you for your losses.
  • Example #2—You suffer serious and catastrophic injury in a motor vehicle accident, and the other driver's limits of liability are not sufficient to pay for your medical expenses or out-of-pocket losses. An investigation may show that there were design or manufacturing defects in one of the vehicles that directly led to the accident. As a result, you may be able to seek damages from the automobile manufacturer.
  • Example #3—You are involved in a collision when you attempt to brake, but your car does not respond. An investigation may show that others have had similar experiences with the type of brake you have on your car, or with cars from the same manufacturer. Ultimately, you may be able to show that you did not act negligently, but that product defects out of your control caused the accident.

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