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“Inadequate Security” – Are Property Owners Liable for Crimes on Their Property?

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If a box falls from above and injures your head in a store, you know you likely have a legal case for injuries. Likewise, if a dock gives way, a stair railing breaks or an uneven surface leads to a fall, you likely know you can pursue a claim for damages in many instances. But did you know that property owners can often be held liable if they fail to prevent injuries caused by a violent crime on their property? If you have questions regarding inadequate security in the Allentown or Philadelphia areas, contact the personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner. We have over 40 years of experience handling premises liability cases in Pennsylvania.

Recent Inadequate Security Cases Illustrate Our Effectiveness in Recovering Compensation

  • Our client was shot and severely injured while delivering a product to a local distribution center. We proved that the distribution center failed to provide adequate security and settled the case for a significant and confidential sum.
  • Our client was dining in a restaurant when he was shot and killed, leaving behind four children. We proved that the eating establishment failed to enact safety procedures and settled the case for a significant and confidential sum.
  • Our client was shot and killed at a bank while working as a driver of a security truck. Our investigation revealed that, while the bank had a security system in place, it had not been operational for some time. We settled the case for a significant and confidential sum.
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