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What Are My Legal Options If I’m Injured by an Uninsured Driver in Pennsylvania?

More Than 70 Combined Years of Personal Injury Legal Experience in Philadelphia

Every driver can potentially cause an accident that leads to serious injuries. For this reason, all drivers in Pennsylvania are required to carry auto liability insurance. If they cause an accident, the injured party can obtain compensation from the negligent party's insurer. But what happens when the negligent driver is illegally driving without insurance? Fortunately, most car insurance policies include a rider that provides coverage in the event an uninsured driver injures you. Insurance companies, though, rarely take the initiative to inform customers of this coverage. And, when accidents occur, they are most often resistant to damaging their bottom lines by offering full and fair compensation. If you need legal assistance following an uninsured driver accident in Pennsylvania, contact the personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law in Philadelphia and Allentown. Our attorney team has handled hundreds of car accident cases, including numerous cases involving uninsured and underinsured motorists. We can review your insurance policy and determine the exact coverage provided. We can also investigate your accident and work with you and your medical care providers to quantify the full loss you have experienced, as well as the full compensation you are owed. We have achieved high-value results in dozens of uninsured and underinsured cases, as well as insurance bad faith cases. At Metzger & Kleiner, Attorneys at Law we offer no-charge consultations and are always available to take your call. To contact us, call 215-622-2210 in Philadelphia, 610-563-2186 in Allentown or toll free at 800-228-1760.

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