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Measures You Can Take to Prevent a Pool Tragedy

Pool Tragedy

Measures You Can Take to Prevent a Pool Tragedy

There's nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot day—but a pool can also be a dangerous place, what the law calls an "attractive nuisance." According to national statistics, more than 7,000 people drown every year, approximately 80% of them in private swimming pools. Even when the accident isn't fatal, it can still be tragic—5000 children are hospitalized every year for near-drowning events. There are steps you can take to minimize the risk of injury or death in your pool. Remember these steps to help prevent a pool tragedy.
  • Never allow children to swim unsupervised—Even if your child has been swimming for years, he can be distracted or panic. It takes a very short period of time for a person to lose consciousness in a pool.
  • Don't swim by yourself—It's tempting, especially if you are a strong swimmer. A cramp, momentarily dizziness or other factors can put you at risk, however. Always use the buddy system when you swim.
  • Keep the pool deck uncluttered—Don't leave toys or pool tools lying around where someone can trip and fall. In addition, a small child may wander over near the pool to play with a toy.
  • Don't become a lightning rod—If you hear thunder, get out of the pool immediately and don't go back in until there's been no thunder for at least a half an hour. Water is highly conductive.
  • Don't drink and dive—Or swim, for that matter. Swimming is an inherently dangerous activity. You need all your wits about you when you are in the water, as it's not your natural environment.
  • Do all your diving from the diving board—The depth of the pool near the diving board is designed for deep entry into the pool. Diving from any other part of the pool can put you at risk of serious injury.
  • Make sure you have someone who knows CPR—If you have someone who knows CPR, many situations that could be much worse.

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