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Accident Lawyer – Car Accident Rights as a Passenger

Accident Lawyer - Car Accident Rights as a Passenger

Over 2 million Americans are injured in automotive crashes each year, but when you think of a car accident lawyer or truck accident attorney, you probably associate these professionals with representing the at-fault parties and behind-the-wheel victims. What about the passengers, and what happens to them when the involved insurance companies can’t agree? Situations like these are why, even as a passenger, you may need a Philadelphia accident lawyer, and you might require a truck accident lawyer in particular if a commercial vehicle was involved. Know your car accident rights as a passenger.

Determine Responsibility

When you’re involved in an accident as a passenger, one of your first priorities is to determine who’s at fault, and you may require help from an injury lawyer. Police will usually make an early determination, but insurers won’t necessarily agree, and you may need an Allentown accident lawyer to hold them accountable. An accident attorney can also obtain reports, review statements and much more.

Recognize Passenger Liability

You must also account for any passenger liability, which may increase the need for a car accident lawyer. If you grabbed the wheel or screamed, causing the driver to hit a pedestrian, for example, a car accident attorney may determine that you were partially or wholly at fault. If you were unfairly deemed responsible, an Allentown accident lawyer can also work to protect you from any incurred responsibilities. Car Accident Rights as a Passenger

File a Claim Against the Driver’s Insurance

If you’re a passenger in the at-fault vehicle, an injury lawyer could help you make a claim against the driver’s insurance. An accident attorney may recommend this even if the driver is your mother, brother-in-law or priest. Note that there are situations in which a car accident lawyer will make a claim against both policies, so you may make a claim against your sister’s insurance even if she wasn’t at fault.

File a Claim Against the Other Driver’s Insurance

In the event that the at-fault party was the driver of a vehicle you were not in, that person and his or her insurer may be liable for the damages you incurred. An injury attorney can assist you in making an appropriate claim, and if the driver was a professional, such as a truck operator, then a truck accident lawyer can help you navigate the complexities that sometimes present themselves in such scenarios. There may be multiple policies that the truck accident attorney has to make a claim against, and it might be necessary to determine what is owed and how it must be allocated across responsible parties.

File a Claim Against Your Own Insurance

There are actually situations where a car accident attorney may need to file against your insurance even if you weren’t driving or at fault. This type of claim isn’t about fault and usually doesn’t involve pain and suffering. It’s about getting the compensation you need. If you have $50,000 in medical bills but only get $35,000 in compensation, an injury attorney can work to get the remainder from your insurer. Note that if you have your own auto insurance, it helps to be aware of the coverage and rules that apply to you as a passenger, and any questions that you may have should be directed to an automobile injury lawyer.

Seek Legal Assistance

Being involved in an accident as a passenger can be scary, and the aftermath can be confusing. A Philadelphia accident lawyer can help ease those complexities. Even in complex cases that require a truck accident lawyer, your truck accident attorney can work to determine who’s responsible, what real and punitive damages you deserve, and much more.

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