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Product Liability – Dangerous Household Products

In our modern world, we have an amazing array of household products that have brought convenience, comfort, increased health and safety to our lives. However, when poorly designed or manufactured, many of these products can also be extremely dangerous. Every year, thousands of people suffer serious injury or even death because of the malfunction of household products. This blog post identifies many of the most dangerous household items, and the risks they pose. If you or a loved one has been injured because of exposure to an unsafe product, or because of the use or malfunction of a household item, the lawyers at Metzger & Kleiner can help. To set up a meeting, contact our office online or call us at 215 622-2210 in Philadelphia, 610 563-2186 in the Lehigh Valley, or toll free at 800 228-1760.

Some of the More Dangerous Household Items

  • Furnaces and heating/cooling systems—A poorly designed or manufactured furnace or HVAC system can burn improperly, filling your house with carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can kill you, or can lead to serious heart or brain injury. In addition, poorly manufactured or designed furnaces can leak natural gas, leading to a serious risk of fire or explosion.
  • Space heaters or kerosene heaters—When improperly designed or manufactured, these devices can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, or to risk of fire or explosion.
  • Laundry appliances—Clothes dryers, when poorly manufactured or designed, can pose a significant risk of fire, often associated with lint collectors or exhaust ducts. Gas dryers can also lead to carbon monoxide or other gas exposure. Older models of washers and dryers may also present risks to children who can become trapped inside.
  • Stoves and ovens—Defectively designed or manufactured stoves and ovens can present carbon monoxide risks, as well as danger of fire or explosion.
  • Flammable fabrics—Some fabrics used in curtains, heating pads, potholders, table cloths and other household items are highly flammable, and pose a substantial risk of burn injury.
  • Small household appliances—This can include a wide range of items, from electric knives to toaster ovens, from defective microwave ovens to blenders or food processors. The risks presented include serious cuts and burns, as well as amputation or loss of digits.

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