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Product Liability—Dangers to Look For in Children’s Toys

It can be a parent's worst nightmare—your child gets a new toy or device and suffers a serious injury while using it. In many instances, the danger to your child is less than obvious. For example, IKEA recently recalled children's tents because unseen wires that help the tent keep its shape have poked through the fabric, causing injury to children. As a responsible parent, what can you watch out for, so that your children are not subject to unknown and unnecessary risk? This blog post identifies the most common types of toys that pose dangers to children.

Small Toys or Small Parts

More children suffer fatal injuries from swallowing or ingesting small toys, or toys with small parts. Balloons or marbles, which by themselves can block a child's airways, account for the death of many children every year. Model parts or other small pieces can also be lodged in a child's throat or air passage, leading to asphyxiation.

Lead Paint

In recent years, much publicity has been given to toys manufactured outside of the United States that were coated with or finished with lead-based paint. Lead paint has been shown in scientific studies to absorb more quickly into the blood of children. Lead poisoning can affect the central nervous system, leading to insomnia, delirium, diminished cognitive skills, hallucinations and convulsions. In extreme cases, it can result in kidney failure.

Toys with Batteries

Studies have shown that younger children have a propensity for putting batteries in their mouths, which can be dangerous, as the batteries may be leaking acid.

Other Toys

Other toys that can cause injury include:
  • Toys with a string pull that may get wrapped around a child's throat or stuck in a child's throat
  • Toys with fur or hair that can be swallowed, increasing possibility of choking
  • Trampolines
  • Portable basketball hoops, which can fall on a child or collapse
With toys, as with other dangerous and defective products, you can seek damages for the negligent design of the product, as well as its poor or negligent construction.

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