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Scaffolding Accidents on Construction Sites

According to national studies, two out of every three construction workers use scaffolding to do some part of their job, whether they work in residential or commercial construction. Even though the use, construction and maintenance of scaffolding are heavily regulated by OSHA, thousands of people are hurt every year in scaffolding accidents. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics found that, in 2011, nearly 5,000 scaffolding injuries were sustained on job sites nationwide, and that approximately 50 construction workers died from these accidents.

Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

The causes of scaffolding accidents can be many:
  • Falls—About one in ten scaffolding accidents involve workers who fall from scaffolding, often where rails or barriers are either not in place or improperly assembled.
  • Falling objects—Workers frequently set tools or building materials on scaffolding, which can cause serious injury when falling from higher levels on a construction site.
  • Negligence in assembly or disassembly—The workers setting up the scaffolding may be unqualified to do so, may not be properly supervised or trained, or may be negligent in the erection of the scaffolding. The planks on a scaffold may not be properly secured, poles may not be correctly connected, or protective barriers, such as rails, may not be in place.
  • Dangerous or defective scaffolding—The scaffolding itself may be old and in disrepair, or the owner may have failed to properly maintain it.
  • Electrocution—Almost 20 percent of scaffolding accidents result when scaffolding comes in contact with electrical lines.
Regardless of the cause, when you have been injured, you can pursue damages for all your losses, from wages and income to medical expenses to physical pain and suffering.

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