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Was Your Philadelphia Hotel Room Infested With Bed Bugs?

Did Bedbugs Infest Your Home After Visiting a Philadelphia Hotel?

About one out of five households deal with bed bugs in a given year, and the cost to exterminate the infestation ranges from $300 to $5,000. More than 70% of pest control professionals state that bedbugs are the most difficult pests to get rid of in a home, apartment, or hotel. If you stayed in a Philadelphia hotel room and developed bedbug bites or ended up with painful or debilitating injuries from them, speaking with an Allentown personal injury attorney could help you know what steps to take next and how to protect your rights.

What Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are tiny insects. An adult measures about 5 millimeters in diameter. After feeding on blood, it takes on a reddish-brown appearance. A bedbug can only crawl. Unlike fleas, which also infest hotels, they don't jump. Bedbugs are experts at hiding. They lurk in dark, unused corners and crevices. They crawl out at night in search of a meal. These pests can go for 12 months or longer without feeding.

How Do Bedbugs Injure People?

About 30% of people are allergic to the saliva that bedbugs inject when they draw blood. Bedbug bites are actually allergic reactions, much like mosquito bites. Although bedbugs don't spread diseases, their bites can cause problems. If you get bitten many times, you may develop unsightly and painful effects on your skin. Scratching the bites may cause your skin to break. This provides an opportunity for bacteria to get into your body and cause an infection in your skin or deeper in your tissue.

Where Do Bedbugs Hide?

Bedbugs hide in out-of-the-way places. Look for them in the crevices of mattresses, such as where the seams and stitching come together. They also hide in the corners and cracks of wood and upholstered furniture. Bedbugs can live in electrical outlets, under and behind baseboards, inside picture frames, under carpeting, in box springs, in closets and dresser drawers and underneath furniture. After bedbugs feed, they excrete feces. On a white mattress or bed sheet, their excrement looks like tiny brown or black specks. Bedbugs will come out of hiding at any time of the day. They sense the carbon dioxide people exhale while breathing. Bedbugs don't usually bother pets.

Who Is Responsible for Checking Hotels for Bedbugs?

Hotel owners hold the responsibility for maintaining a safe, healthy and pest-free environment for guests and their employees. You should check a hotel room before unpacking or using the furniture. If you check your hotel room and find bedbugs, alert the hotel management. If you don't discover the bedbugs right away, you should still report the problem, but you may also want to speak with an Allentown personal injury attorney if you developed injuries from your bedbug bites.

What Are My Rights as a Hotel Guest When It Comes to Bedbugs?

As a hotel guest, you have the right to clean quarters. Hotel staff must maintain a clean and safe environment. You have the right to take action if injured by your hotel room's conditions, including by an infestation of bedbugs. You must uphold the contract you sign for the hotel room.

When Can I Sue a Hotel for Bedbug Bites and Injuries?

You may be able to file a lawsuit if you sustain physical harm from bedbug bites you got while in a Philadelphia hotel. You'll need evidence of the infestation, your injuries, medical treatment and expenses. If you were injured by bedbug bites while staying in a Philadelphia hotel room, consider a consultation with an Allentown personal injury attorney. To schedule an appointment, contact the Law Office of Metzger & Kleiner in Lehigh Valley office at 610-435-7400 or Philadelphia at 215-567-6616. You may also submit our quick online contact form.

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