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What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Allentown and Lehigh Valley?

Which Intersections See the Most Car Crashes in Lehigh Valley?

In 2020, there were more than 104,000 car crashes in Pennsylvania. In an average year, 1,200 Pennsylvanians die in automobile accidents. One of the riskiest areas for a car accident is at an intersection or another point of conflict on a road, and if you're involved in an accident on a dangerous roadway or intersection, consulting with an Allentown personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and gain compensation for your injuries.

Points of Conflict

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) reported that 46.4% of car crashes in 2020 took place at points of conflict in a roadway. A point of conflict in a roadway is a location where drivers approach each other in opposing directions. Merges, four-way stops and intersections are the two primary points of conflict in Allentown and Lehigh Valley.  

Route 309 and Tilghman Street

The intersection of Route 309 and Tilghman Street experienced the most crashes in 2020. The 169 crashes at this location are attributed to short on-ramps and poor sight lines. In those crashes, 110 people experienced injuries. PennDOT initiated a multiyear project to reconfigure this intersection in 2021.

Route 22 and Route 191 Interchange

In 2020, there were 93 crashes and 63 injured people at the Route 22 and Route 191 Interchange. PennDOT's analysis showed that those accidents may have been the result of an unusual layout requiring a rapid lane change. The short exit ramp also poses a problem at this intersection. Pennsylvania is still assessing what changes can be made to make this intersection safer for drivers.

Route 309 and Center Valley Parkway

Although the intersection of Route 309 and Center Valley Parkway had the third-most crashes in 2020 at 88, it was the deadliest intersection with five fatalities from those accidents. Another 48 people were injured in those accidents. PennDOT reserved more than $38 million to reconfigure this intersection, but no plans have been finalized as of 2022. One plan suggested that an overpass could alleviate some of the traffic and congestion that contribute to the high crash and fatality rate.

Route 22 and 15th Street Interchange

The interchange at Route 22 and 15th Street is plagued by congestion. During the morning and afternoon rush hours, drivers attempting to reach highway speed often encounter traffic at a standstill. PennDOT plans to widen this intersection, but it hasn't shared a timeline for the construction project.

Route 33 and Freemansburg Avenue Interchange

A high level of commercial activity and new developments near the Route 33 and Freemansburg Avenue interchange has resulted in an increase in car crashes. Several new shopping centers, warehouses and distribution centers have increased traffic levels in the area. In 2020, this intersection experienced 63 crashes, and 51 people were injured in those incidents. PennDOT has not shared any plans to make changes to this intersection.

How Pennsylvania Addresses Points of Conflict

PennDOT uses several methods to address points of conflict and reduce crashes on roadways. The installation of roundabouts is a leading method of reducing crashes at four-way stops. Other techniques include increased signage, merge-only lanes and lowered speed limits. However, these methods won't prevent every crash. Consulting with an Allentown personal injury attorney in the aftermath of an accident may get the attention of PennDOT so that dangerous roadways can be reviewed for potential changes that could reduce the risk of an accident. If you or your family member are the victim of a car crash in Allentown or Lehigh Valley, a consultation with our Allentown personal injury attorney can provide you with information on how to proceed and protect your rights. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, contact the Lehigh Valley law office of Metzger & Kleiner at 215-567-6616. You may also complete our convenient online contact form, and an associate from our office will contact you to schedule a consultation.

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