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You’ve Suffered Burn Injuries from a Dangerous Product. Who’s Responsible?

More Than 70 Years of Combined Personal Injury Legal Help in Philadelphia and Allentown

Though there are millions of products in the marketplace, most injuries caused by dangerous and defective products fall into just several categories. One is choking; another is falls; and a third is burns. Manufacturers who produce products that carry the risk of fire, excessive heat and explosions have a special responsibility to prevent burn injuries. This responsibility is backed up by numerous state and federal laws. When manufacturers, product maintenance firms, suppliers and others fail to protect the public's safety and burn injuries or death occur, victims have the right to seek compensation. The personal injury attorneys of Metzger & Kleiner in Philadelphia and Allentown can quickly provide the answers and assistance needed following burn injuries. With more than seven decades of personal injury legal experience between them, firm attorneys Daniel E. Kleiner and Lawrence G. Metzger are highly experienced in investigating product liability cases and pursuing the compensation injured individuals and their families need. For example, in a recent burn injury and death case, we represented a child whose family had been killed in a house fire caused by a defective space heater. We sued the heater manufacturer and, just on the single issue of liability, obtained a $700,000 settlement for our client. Questions of fault invariably follow defective product injuries. Often, our clients wonder or even assume that they were somehow responsible for the accident. Most likely, they were not. To obtain the knowledgeable legal counsel and advice needed following a defective product accident, contact us for a free consultation.

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