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Car Accidents Resulting in Bladder Injuries

When the Bladder Is Injured in a Car Crash

The bladder is essential to store and release urine as the next-to-last step in the human urinary tract. Located between the pelvic bones, this organ is strategically positioned to help keep it protected from puncture wounds and blunt force. But it's still not impervious to all potential harm, and when the bladder does sustain damage, it tends to be serious.

What Leads to Bladder Injuries?

Bladder injuries may be caused by penetration or blunt force. If there are any loose objects in the car, particularly heavy and irregularly shaped items, they can easily turn into hazardous projectiles in a high-speed collision. In other instances, part of the vehicle is dented inward and presses on the bladder. If there are any sharp edges involved, it doesn't take much force for the bladder to sustain a puncture wound. Despite the organ's protection from the pelvis, it's still left vulnerable to head-on damage. Surprisingly to many, one of the major causes of bladder injuries in car crashes is seatbelts. While this safety device may protect you from worse injuries or even death, the lap belt can also cause damage to the bladder in the process. With enough force behind an impact, it's possible for the bladder to rupture or become compressed. These injuries are usually easy to notice because they tend to be extremely painful. With this form of bladder injury, the damage can last for many years before a full recovery is reached. Spinal injuries are common in car accidents, and they can also lead to further injuries in the bladder. Spinal misalignment commonly leads to bladder dysfunction. While this isn't as frightening as it might sound, it's still important to pay attention to the potential warning signs.

How to Tell if You Have an Injured Bladder

The main things to look out for if you've injured your urinary bladder in a car crash are:
  • Incontinence
  • Urinary urgency
  • Uncomfortable urination
  • Difficulty emptying bladder
  • Pain
People with an injured bladder also often experience the sensation of pressure being put on their pelvic area or lower back. All of these symptoms can range from intense to barely noticeable, but they may get worse over time. No matter the symptoms, it's essential to find the right treatment before it builds into a bigger issue. There are a variety of treatment options for these types of injuries, and there isn't one cure-all solution. The correct treatment depends on your specific injury, the way your body is responding to it, and how severe it is. Until you've determined what's at the source of your bladder symptoms, you sometimes have to try out a few different treatments to see what works. If the bladder has been ruptured, in most cases you are going to need surgery to recover, and you'll probably want to speak to an Allentown personal injury attorney.

When It's Time for an Adjustment

Car crash victims who suffer from an injured bladder sometimes find relief from a chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries. Bladder injuries may be exacerbated by a misalignment in the spine, which is common in the aftermath of an accident. These providers assess your spinal damage to determine if this is what's causing your bladder symptoms, often with a drug-free approach. No matter what type of injury or how severe, after you've been in an auto accident, the most important thing is that you're seen by a doctor right away. Even if you feel you don't have any symptoms, it's common to be in shock for longer than you would expect. The trauma of the car accident can leave you shaken up more than you realize or notice. Call the offices of Metzger & Kleiner for an Allentown personal injury attorney who can help with your car accident case. We know that bladder injuries can be extremely painful, so we'll handle your case with care and compassion. Our offices in Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia can be reached at 610-435-7400 and 215-567-6616, respectively.

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