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Failing to Maintain a Vehicle May Increase Accident Risk

Why Improperly Maintained Vehicles Are Involved in Accidents

According to the federal government, 12 percent of motor vehicle crashes involve vehicles that had some sort of defect. In many cases, these defects occur because a car is not properly maintained. 

Bald or Worn Tires Can Be Dangerous for Multiple Reasons

If the tires on your vehicle are bald or worn-out, it is generally a good idea to have them replaced immediately. Ideally, they will be rotated each time that you have your oil changed. Keeping a worn or bald tire on your vehicle may increase the chances of a blowout. 

It will also likely take longer to stop on wet or icy roads, which may prevent you from stopping before hitting another vehicle or object. On most newer cars, a light will appear on the dashboard if a tire doesn't have enough pressure. The tires themselves may have a bar indicating that the tread is too low. 

Poor Brakes Can Make It Harder to Stop

There are many signs that your brakes need to be replaced. For instance, if they feel spongy when pressed or make squealing noises, they are not safe to drive with. If you are hurt by a driver who was operating a motor vehicle that had old or defective brakes, it may be possible to seek compensation. Your Philadelphia accident lawyer may be able to provide more insight into whether an individual is negligent for not fixing the brakes on his or her vehicle. 

Low Fluid Levels Can Impact Your Ability to See

If you don't have enough steering wheel fluid, it may be impossible to avoid a hazard such as a person or an animal in the road. Low levels of brake fluid can also result in an inability to avoid a hazard. Windshield wiper fluid is essential to ensuring that you can see during times of rain or snow. Your vehicle may indicate if fluid levels are low, and you can always do a visual check if you’re not sure if there is enough.

Carbon Monoxide Can Impair Your Ability to Drive

If your vehicle doesn't have proper ventilation, it could result in carbon monoxide building up inside. This could cause you to feel drowsy or numb or otherwise be unable to operate a motor vehicle safely. Any issues related to your engine, exhaust or heater should be rectified as quickly as possible. If the problem develops suddenly, keep your window open a crack to allow fresh air in. 

Once you get home, it can be a good idea to have your vehicle towed to a service center of your choosing for repairs. As with most car problems, you should be alerted to the presence of an engine or airflow issue by a light on the dashboard. 

Defects May Be Caused By Another Party

While a driver who fails to maintain a vehicle may be liable for an accident, he or she may not always be the one who made the mistake. For instance, it is possible that a mechanic did a poor job replacing a tire or installing new brake pads. It is also possible that the manufacturer of a defective product sold it knowing that it didn't work properly. 

In these and similar scenarios, you may need to take action against a party other than the driver of the vehicle who caused the crash. A Philadelphia accident lawyer can help you determine who is liable for an accident and how to go about taking legal action.

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