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Femur Fractures After Car Accidents

Everything You Should Know About Femur Fractures

Whether you're involved in a serious car accident or a minor fender bender, injuries can occur. More than 5.4 million people were injured during a car accident in 2021. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, the victims may have recourse to seek compensation.

What are Femur Fractures?

A common yet highly painful injury that can occur during a car accident is a femur fracture. Since these fractures often take place when a high amount of force is applied to the vehicle, there's a good chance that the affected individual is suffering from other injuries as well. There are a few types of fractures that can impact the femur, all of which are more likely among motorcyclists and pedestrians than car occupants. The lengthy bones that connect your knee to your hip are the femur bones. These bones insert directly into your hip joints, which means that an injury to the femur can lead to less range of motion in your body. The uppermost portion of the femur is the thigh bone, which is the most durable bone in the body. Because of how strong this bone is, a considerable amount of force is needed to cause a fracture.

How Fractures Happen

During a high-impact car accident, an extreme amount of force is placed on a vehicle and anyone in it. Depending on the point of impact, these forces could cause your femur bone to fracture. In fact, the primary cause of femur fractures involves car accidents. When enough force is applied to the femur bone to cause a fracture, the surrounding ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels may also become damaged. These issues can be more serious than a fracture, which is why immediate medical attention is often required. If this bone breaks through the skin, the risk of an infection is high. When you're in an accident and need legal advice, schedule an appointment with our Allentown personal injury lawyer.

Types of Fractures

The femur bone can be fractured in several ways. For instance, the femoral neck is more likely to become fractured in elderly individuals who have weaker bones. If the neck is fractured, it's considered a hip fracture. It's also possible for the fracture to take place along the length of the femur. This area of the femur can become fractured during a more severe car accident. Fractures around the knee are also common when you're involved in a car accident. Fractures can result in partial or full breaks, the latter of which will take longer to heal. If the fracture occurs in the femoral neck, it could be a stress fracture. When the fracture crushes the bone, it might splinter. Along with a broken bone, fractures can lead to blood loss. When a car hits a pedestrian or motorcyclist, a femur fracture is common. Even if a motorcyclist is wearing protective padding at the time of the accident, there isn't much that protects them from the force of a car. In comparison, drivers and occupants benefit from protection in the form of the vehicle's metal shell. Before you feel the impact of an accident, your vehicle will absorb at least some of the force.

Potential Treatments

There are many different types of treatments administered when suffering from a femur fracture. The severity and location of the fracture determine what treatment you receive. If the bone wasn't displaced, it's possible that a cast and crutches would allow for an effective healing process. When the femoral shaft is fractured, it's likely that metal screws or rods will need to be placed inside your body to properly straighten the bone. The bone will be secured with screws on both ends of the rod. When the fracture occurs below the hip or above the knee, metal plates may need to be affixed to the bones. These plates can be kept secure with screws. If the bone has broken through the skin, additional treatment may be given to keep an infection from developing. Most femur fractures require weeks or months of physical and rehabilitative therapy, both of which are designed to help people walk more easily. When someone seeks compensation because of a femur fracture, the severity of this fracture often determines how much compensation is awarded. If you experience any type of injury after being in a car accident, you'll likely have questions about what this means when another driver is involved. Call our Allentown personal injury lawyer today at (610) 435-7400 to talk about your case.

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