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How Coronavirus Impacts Auto Accidents and Lawsuits

Auto Accidents in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way that life occurs in the U.S. as people remain at home and stay off the roads. Predictably, statistics have shown that car accidents are on the decrease, but that does not tell the whole story as driving habits may have gotten more dangerous. Regardless, the coronavirus does not give injured drivers a reprieve when it comes to the strict time deadlines to file a case, so they need to keep working with their attorneys during this time.

There Are Fewer Car Accidents Due to COVID-19

It is indisputable that there are fewer cars on the road right now. All but essential Pennsylvania employees have been ordered to remain at home. Without many cars on the road, the number of opportunities for auto accidents decreases. The risk of accidents has been reduced so much that even auto insurance companies are giving money back to their customers. However, in some states, even though the number of traffic accidents has gone down, the number of fatalities has either remained constant or decreased at a slower rate than the number of accidents.

Accidents May Be More Severe

The accidents that are occurring since Pennsylvania has issued its stay-at-home order have a higher likelihood of causing serious injury or even death. The main reason for this is that drivers are more likely to drive recklessly when there are fewer cars on the road. Without traffic, cars have a greater ability to speed. Drivers will also tend to be more aggressive when they have more room to maneuver. Thus, you are more likely to be involved in a high-speed crash because the other drivers on the road are not traveling cautiously themselves. Moreover, there are also more trucks on the road right now as stores struggle to keep their shelves stocked. Trucks make the roadways a more dangerous place to be for drivers. This raises the chances of a serious car accident taking place that results in injuries.

Do Not Delay in Filing Your Claim

If you were injured in an auto accident some time ago, know that the fact that the courts are closed for trials does not mean that the statute of limitations is extended for your personal injury accident. Your Allentown accident attorney must still file the case before the time expires, or the case will be dismissed. Just because the courthouse is not physically open does not mean that the judges are not working and clocks are not ticking. If you have been hurt recently, the statute of limitations still begins to run from the time that you suffered your injury or should have known that you were injured. Thus, it is important to contact an Allentown accident attorney right after your accident because it takes some time to investigate the facts of the incident and draft an effective complaint. You never want to wait until the last minute to initiate your lawsuit because you may not be able to draft a complaint that can survive a motion for dismissal.

Get Medical Care Immediately

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, it is crucial that you get them treated as soon as you know that you are hurt. We understand that many people are afraid of going to the doctor or hospital these days with a contagious virus lurking. However, not getting medical treatment when you are first injured can harm your potential lawsuit. In other words, do not stay away from the doctor now because it can harm your case. Without the proper documentation, you may not be able to show that your injury was caused by an auto accident. In other words, the insurance company can argue that your back injury was caused by something else because weeks or months elapsed between the car accident and treatment. At Metzger & Kleiner, we help those who have been injured in an auto accident get the compensation that they deserve. Call us today at (610) 435-7400 to set up your free initial consultation in the Lehigh Valley.

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