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How Your Truck Accident Claim Is Handled

How an Insurance Company Handles a Truck Accident Claim With Injury

There are more than 2 million people who are injured in car and truck accidents every year. Despite how common these accidents are, many people are in the dark about what the claims process entails and the complications that can ensue when an injury is involved. One of the ways to make the claims process simpler is to request representation from an Allentown truck accident attorney. Once you know more about how a truck accident claim is handled and settled by an insurance company, you can be confident that you're taking the right steps following a truck accident.

Medical Treatment to Obtain After an Accident

When you've been involved in a truck accident, the first thing you need to do after all of the necessary information has been taken down and the police have been called is to seek medical attention. It's important that you visit a doctor or hospital whether you're suffering from something as minor as a scrape on your hand or something as severe as a broken leg. Truck accidents occur quickly and will often leave you feeling disoriented and confused, which is why you may be more injured than you realize. Seeking medical treatment for your injuries is also important for any accident claim that you're going to file in the event that the other driver was at fault. The insurance company will need all of your medical bills in order to determine what your settlement amount should be. You should also make sure to attend any follow-up treatments that your doctor schedules for you. The claims process for injuries that occurred during an accident can be simple and straightforward as long as you take the right steps during the process.

How to Handle Injury During the Claims Process

The injury aspect of the claims process will typically take longer to resolve than the aspect of the claim that relates to damage that was done to your vehicle. The primary reason for this is that there are a large number of calculations that the insurance company will need to perform in order to determine how much money is owed to you, if any. The insurance company will also need to wait for settlement negotiations, complex calculations, adjustment factorsall of your medical bills to be provided to them, which include any medical bills related to the follow-up appointments that you'll need to attend. When you first file the claim, you'll be asked to tell an insurance representative about your injury. Make sure that you describe the injury in complete detail so as to start the process off properly.

When an adjuster is looking at your claim and attempting to calculate a settlement to offer you in regard to your injuries, there's a wide range of adjustment factors that he or she may focus on during the process. An adjuster will look at:
  • All of the medical bills and associated costs that have accrued during your visits to the doctor or hospital for an injury that was sustained from the truck accident. He or she will also take into account any of the medical costs that may be necessary in the future as a means of treating the injury.
  • Damages related to any emotional stress that you've been through because of the accident and injury.
  • Damages related to your general pain and suffering.
  • Any amount of lost wages or lost income that accrued due to the fact that you were unable to return to work immediately because of the injury.
While the medical bills and your lost wages should be very easy to determine for the insurance adjuster, the remainder of the damages for general pain and suffering as well as emotional stress can involve some complex calculations that only an attorney can fully understand in most cases.

Other Options for You to Consider

While it's certainly possible to handle an insurance claims process on your own, these claims are made all the more difficult and time-consuming when you've been injured. As mentioned previously, there's an array of factors that are taken into consideration when an individual has been injured in a car accident and the adjuster is trying to find the right settlement amount. Given how many factors are involved in this process, it may be difficult for you to ascertain whether or not the settlement amount that you've been offered is a fair one without the help of an accident attorney. In many cases, a lawyer will be able to obtain a higher settlement than you otherwise would have received on your own, which is due to the fact that truck accident attorneys are trained and experienced in handling settlement negotiations. Although most insurance claims are settled fairly when an individual is being represented by a qualified Allentown truck accident attorney, there are times when you simply won't be offered the amount that you might've expected for your injuries. In this case, it's possible to file a lawsuit against the insurance company or individuals who were involved in the accident. This route is typically only taken when your attorney believes that it's possible for you to receive compensation that's substantially higher than the initial settlement offer that you received from the insurance company. Our attorneys will be able to help you identify which option is best for your case.

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