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Maximizing Your Compensation After Being Injured in an Auto Accident – Pennsylvania

At the scene of a crash in Philadelphia and elsewhere throughout Pennsylvania, it's important to take the name of any witnesses and call the police, who will take notes about what happened and get medical help to the scene, if needed. If you are able, take photos of the scene because very soon, all traces of the accident on the road will be erased as cars are towed and normal traffic flow is restored. Sometimes after a crash, people are a little shaken and they say things that may not even be true. For example, sometimes a person who was not at fault may feel terrible about the crash and actually act as though the accident was his or her fault. An insurance company or the police can misconstrue what you say on occasion. If you have questions or are concerned, speak with an attorney before discussing the claim with an insurance company representative or agent. If you suffered serious injuries, it is important to consider all factors that may have contributed to the crash before filing the claim:
  • Was there a drunk driver involved?
  • Was the driver at fault texting or otherwise driving in a distracted manner?
  • Were the conditions of the road bad?
  • Was an intersection poorly marked?
  • Was there a design defect in the road or in either of the cars involved in the crash?

Damages for Emotional Trauma

Motor vehicle collisions can cause one to suffer emotional trauma. Such trauma can cause:
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Loss of ability to enjoy recreation with family the way you had previously.
An experienced personal injury attorney can help you gain an understanding of compensation issues involving questions such as:
  • What sort of medical treatment is anticipated in the future?
  • How long will the treatment be needed?

When Car Crash Injuries Are Life-Changing and Permanent

If the injuries you or a loved one has suffered are life-changing and permanent, questions that need to be considered include:
  • What sort of medical devices will be needed to help care for the injured person?
  • What type of nursing, physical therapy or other medical support will be needed?
  • How much has a person and his or her family "lost" in quality of life?
  • What is the level of compensation that is fair and just for losing the ability to work for the rest of a person's life?
Retaining an attorney who can piece together all contributing factors that led to the crash, who understands the complex issues involved and who has a track record of protecting the injured can give you the legal protection you need as well as reassurance.

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