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Swimming Pool Accidents and Injuries

Potential Causes and Aftermath of a Pool Accident

Drowning is the second-leading cause of death among children between the ages of 5 and 14. Children may be exposed to higher levels of harm even if they are supervised and are confined to wading pools or other shallow bodies of water. Of course, people of any age are at risk of serious injury or death if they don't act properly while in or near a pool.

The Risks Associated With Pool Use

There are several hazards that can be associated with using a pool, and they may exist even when pool users are properly supervised. For instance, someone could trip over a hose or other object while walking on the pool deck, which might result in broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or other issues. If a person trips, loses consciousness and falls into the pool, it could increase the risk of drowning. Other risks include improper use of ladders or stairs, the misuse of pool toys or electrical shocks. It's also possible for someone to dive into the pool and hit their head or other body parts against a hard surface. In some cases, it may take hours or days before an injured person sees signs of a serious injury.

How to Reduce Your Risk of an Injury

You can reduce the risk of getting hurt while in a pool by observing pool rules such as not running on the deck or swimming while impaired. It may also be possible to reduce your risk of getting hurt by inspecting the pool before getting in for any possible defects that might result in an injury. Ideally, your children will be supervised and use flotation devices while in the water. You may also want to consider getting them swim lessons to help teach them pool safety rules as well as other tips to keep them safe while in the water.

If You're Injured in a Pool

In the event that you or a loved one is injured in a pool, you may be entitled to compensation or other forms of relief. This may be true even if the pool is located on a property that you own or control. For instance, if you were hurt as the result of a part that was improperly manufactured or installed, the parties responsible for doing so may be defendants in a personal injury suit. You may also have grounds for legal action if your child was injured or killed as a result of an unsafe pool environment. This could be true even if the child wandered into a neighbor's pool or a community pool without permission. For example, if a pool gate wasn't properly locked, the property owner could be deemed negligent for what happens to your son or daughter. The same might be true if pool toys were left out or if a wading pool still had water in it. An Allentown personal injury attorney may be able to review your case and provide more information about your rights.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment

Ideally, you will seek medical treatment whenever you think that you might have been injured while swimming. Seeking treatment enables you to create a paper trail that could potentially link your injuries to a specific event. Furthermore, seeking treatment in a timely manner may make it easier to treat a head injury, internal bleed or other injuries with rest or ice instead of an invasive surgery. Seeking treatment early may also prevent a brain bleed or other injury that might not present itself right away from potentially taking your life or the life of a loved one. If you or a family member has been hurt at the pool, don't hesitate to contact the Allentown personal injury attorney law firm of Metzger & Kleiner. You can get in touch with us by calling 215-567-6616 or by using the contact form on our website to talk more about your case.

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