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The Most Common Elevator Accidents

Elevator Accidents

The Most Common Elevator Accidents

If you work in a metropolitan area, chances are good you get on an elevator every day. Though you may not realize it, more than 17,000 people are seriously injured every year in elevator accidents. Here are some of the most common causes of elevator accidents and elevator-related injuries:
  • Doors opening at wrong time—This is one of the most dangerous situations—a door may open when the elevator cab is between floors or significantly above or below the floor. As the expectation is that the door won't open unless the cab is there, this can lead to falls down an elevator shaft, the most serious of elevator accidents.
  • Misleveling—This happens when the floor of the cab stops at a level that's not even with the bottom of the door. This can cause persons inside or outside of the cab to trip and fall on entry or exit.
  • Sudden stops and starts—A sudden stop or start can cause passengers to fall or careen off an interior wall.
  • Excessive speed—If the speed of the cab gets too high, riders may be at risk when the cab suddenly stops.
  • Door closes prematurely—Many persons are hurt when an elevator doors closes before they can fully enter the cab.
  • Electrocutions—Elevator passengers can be at risk of injury or death if there are dangerous or defective wires connected to or part of the elevator.

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