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Why Larger Vehicles Are More Dangerous for Pedestrians

How Trucks and SUVs Can Seriously Injure Pedestrians

Pedestrians hit by SUVs are more likely to experience severe injuries or death compared to after being struck by a car. This is according to a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

SUVs and Trucks Are Designed Differently Than Passenger Cars

Passenger cars tend to be lower to the ground, which means that an accident victim is most likely to be struck somewhere below the waist. However, an SUV or pickup truck is likely to sit high enough that the front end of the vehicle will hit a pedestrian in the stomach or chest. This can result in serious injuries to important organs or cause internal bleeding.

Larger Vehicles Will Create More Force Upon Impact

When a vehicle makes contact with a person, the energy produced by the vehicle will be transferred to the individual it has collided with. Heavier trucks or SUVs will generate more force than a passenger car simply because they weigh more. The average passenger car weighs about 3,000 to 4,000 pounds while a truck or SUV typically weighs at least 5,000 pounds. The force that a truck or SUV may generate increases as the vehicle's rate of speed increases. According to the study conducted by the IIHS, the likelihood of an accident between an SUV and a pedestrian resulting in serious injury was about 30 percent if the SUV was traveling at 19 miles per hour. However, the risk of serious injury increased to nearly 100 percent if the SUV was traveling at more than 40 miles per hour.

Drivers of Larger Vehicles Tend to Be More Aggressive

If you know that the other person in an accident is likely to take the brunt of the impact, you may be less likely to drive in a defensive manner. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that people who drive in larger vehicles may feel a sense of superiority to others. Therefore, pedestrians who are struck by an SUV may be struck by one that was being operated by a negligent or reckless driver. Your Allentown personal injury lawyer may be able to determine if operator negligence played a role in causing your crash to occur.

Larger Vehicles are Harder to Control Compared to Passenger Vehicles

Trucks, SUVs or similar types of vehicles are harder to control because of their large size. For instance, they may require a longer stopping distance compared to a compact or subcompact passenger car. It may also be harder to take evasive action in a timely manner because larger and heavier objects need more room to do so. Therefore, an accident may be harder to avoid even if the driver of an SUV should be able to see you before it's too late to do anything to prevent a collision from happening.

SUVs Are Becoming More Popular Among American Consumers

The odds of being hit by an SUV have gone up in recent years because they have become increasingly popular throughout the 21st century. It is likely that they will continue to be the car of choice for those who want vehicles that are capable of handling almost any type of road condition. Furthermore, they tend to be ideal for those who need to haul large equipment on a regular basis. Therefore, the sheer number of SUVs on the road may present a danger to those who are trying to walk home from school or cross a busy street to get to the store. If you have been involved in an accident caused by a large vehicle, don't hesitate to contact an Allentown personal injury lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Metzger & Kleiner can review your case and take steps to help you obtain a financial award. You can contact the Lehigh Valley office by dialing (610) 435-7400 or the Philadelphia office by dialing (215) 567-6616.

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